Electroneum (ETN) has had a pretty successful October. Electroneum just completed its first anniversary being the 1st KYC Compliant digital currency in the market. Electroneum so far has been able to make impact among crypto users due to its KYC Compliance. Electroneum regarding their one year in the market expressed their views in a tweet:  

“We’re already one year old and what a fantastic year it’s been! We’re taking a look back at all the amazing things that have happened in our first year so here’s one of our #ETN milestone moments… We signed our first ever MOU with Joytel on the 1st of December 2017!” 

In last week of October, Electroneum (ETN) popped up to 30% in a day after couple of announcements. Electroneum listing on Sistemkoin and liquid has boosted up ETN pace in the market. This is a good sign for the coin to get listed on one of the well-known exchanges of world.  

Partnership with Joytel 

Joytel is one of the earlier partners of Electroneum (ETN). Joytel are testing ETN payments from the users in Hong Kong and South Korea. This is one of the most important partnership for ETN, because Joytel has been a fundamental partner of ETN, Electroneum tweeted: 

“We are thrilled to announce that the first of our early MVNO Agreements is progressing to the live trial stage. Joytel (one of the most innovative MVNOs in Asia and an early ETN-MVNO partner) are trialling #ETN payment acceptance for customers in Hong Kong and South Korea.” 

This is a healthy prospect for the ETN network, as growing its adoption in a cryptocurrency hub. In future this will be very helpful for ETN, stabilizing its price in the market in future time.  

Electroneum (ETN) Eying Coinbase Listing in Coming Time 

Coinbase is already in a process of listing new currencies on the exchange after users demand to list more digital assets on the exchange. Electroneum is still in a growing and becoming mature. In coming time Coinbase will be looking to list the coin on the standard of the KYC Compliance. This listing will mean wonders for the digital asset. But still we need to look what ETN has to offer in coming months and 2019 will be a big year for the coin, as it will direct where the coin will go in future. 

Entering Top 50! 

Electroneum (ETN) in less than three months’ time entered top 100 coins. ETN went on to surge and entered top 50 but it dropped its market cap and currently it is placed at 52nd spot on the market ranking. But last couple of weeks performance shows sign of ETN returning to top 50 coins.  

At the time of writing, Electroneum was trading at a price of $0.018 USD with a market cap of $154 million. In last 24 hours the coin has surged up to 2%. If Electroneum wants to keep growing then it will have to bring a big partnership to make its mark in the market. Electroneum will have to keep communicating with their users the same way as they are at the moment. Because we have seen Dogecoin (DOGE) making much of an impact in the market and has gone quiet since then. So, ETN has to keep this aspect in mind because there is lot of competition in the market but still these are early days of ETN. 


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