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The newly growing crypto sensation has been doing good since its launch one year ago. Electroneum (ETN) has been a wonder coin of October. Liquid has applauded the fast-growing adoption and demand of ETN in the market among crypto users. The October market performance of ETN has been a major success for the coin, as Liquid talked in favor of the digital asset. Liquid at the end of Oct, tweeted on how the Electroneum adoption has taken the crypto community by storm. 

“Adoption is vital for the growth of cryptocurrency and @Electroneum is at the forefront. $ETN can be sent and received from any smartphone, while vendors can easily implement an instant payment system via a simple API. $ETN/$EUR pair coming to Liquid November 5. “ 

A lot has been talked about Electroneum that it will cause a threat to the legacy of PayPal in coming time. Still Electroneum is in its early days and is yet to compete with bigger firms like PayPal, but Electroneum has the capability to give a good competition to PayPal and make it think about it. But at the moment Electroneum (ETN) itself is looking to make its mark among other crypto’s and last month gains have proved that.  

Electroneum (ETN) last year stated that there are few exchanges that ETN is looking to apply. Those exchanges included Bittrex, PoloniexHitBTCBitfinex and other such exchanges. So far Liquid has added ETN, but in that particular statement ETN did not stated about Binance that. But know the time has come that we will see Electroneum (ETN) getting listed on one of the biggest exchanges i.e. Binance, because many users use Binance Exchange for trading. So, in coming time we can see ETN on BinanceFrom that time till know ETN has enhanced a lot and in coming time we might see ETN getting listed on Coinbase as well. These are speculations of ETN getting listed on top exchanges but users will drive the Electroneum network on such big exchanges. 

Electroneum is very excited regarding its addition on liquid. Today is the day ETN/EUR is live on the liquid exchange, Electroneum (ETN) tweeted on ETN/EUR pair going live on the exchange, Electroneum tweeted: 

“Awesome news! As announced earlier, the Euro ETN pairing is now live on #Beliquid. This is a momentous occasion for Electroneum, as this pairing will make us accessible to the next wave of people accessing cryptocurrency. Exciting Times!” 

This is a suitable time for Electroneum (ETN) network to further push on and look for some decent partnerships. In recent time ETN has been a leading coin in the crypto market and know in November ETN looks to grow in similar or much better fashion.  

Currently, Electronuem (ETN) was trading at a price of $0.018 USD with a market cap of $150.9 million and was moving up with a rate of 1% in last 24 hours, at the time of writing. In coming days ETN will look to pass $1 mark and if Binance and other big exchanges list ETN on their network then we will see Electroneum in the lights of Dogecoin (DOGE), Verge (XVG), Zcash (ZEC), etc. 


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