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Since coming in to the limelight last year, Cardano which goes under the ADA ticker in the crypto-verse has continued to earn respect in the market. The digital asset is not just another random market entrant to enrich its stakeholders; it has real life use cases that keep driving its value up.

The Cardano platform has maintained its uniqueness under the hawk eyes of the IOKH team. Come aspects that make the network stand out from other outfits is that it is research based and its architecture is thoroughly reviewed by a peer based system which is composed of developers and scientists.

Investors Confidence in Cardano and ADA

Cardano has some similarities with Ethereum by virtue of embracing smart contracts. However, Cardano has attracted more investors is because it acts as a major link between the virtual currency real with the traditional fiat economy through the banks. However, the team has put in extra enhancements that ensure investor funds are secure.

Cardano is user centric and allows participants to enjoy the freedom of a decentralized system where transactions are encrypted and anonymous at a low fee. In addition, the team is looking for ways to regulate the ecosystem to accommodate the needs of its participants and this has made it more enticing compared to other major players in the market.

The ecosystem is trying to strike a balance between the needs of the user and the market regulations. This could be a tall order to achieve but the current privacy levels do not expose its decentralized nature. This has grown its integrity levels and put it in the good books with major exchanges hence its steady growing visibility in the crypto-sphere.

Cardano Regulation Compliance

Adherence to regulations means that Cardano stability and security is guaranteed going into the future. Being a regulated platform does not necessarily mean that users are exposed to third parties; all processes are done through the Cardano network and this has made it more efficient and functional.

To ensure that regulation compliance does not compromise on the system integrity, Cardano introduced the Haskell feature which is a fool proof programing language. This has ushered in a lot of flexibility and ability to offer a wide range of solutions in line with the changing consumer demands and evolving technologies.

Haskell takes care of faults that can bring down the network and ideal for any decentralized system. The programing language enables fast “bounce off” of the system thus sealing off any manipulative entry points by hackers and keeps the systems working optimally 24/7.

Cardano (ADA) Steady Growth in a Murky Market

Just like many other altcoins in the market today, Cardano has had its own ups and downs. The coin has risen through the ranks to become the 8th largest coin by MCAP. The current decrease is spread across the market and not just an ADA isolated case and does not suggest the value of the coin is dipping.

The Cardano team has taken a unique route to the market by targeting the disruption of developing countries banking systems. However, the coin is offering practical solutions and its real world use cases have attracted a lot of attention that has seen the ADA value hold.

Although the market appears to be on its recovery route, Cardano is the second top gainer in the last 24 hours with growth of 3.98% against the USD and has been trading at $0.078118. This comes at a time when BTC is trading in the red with its market dominance taking beating from altcoins to stand at 52.0%.


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