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Justin Sun as usual has kept the TRON community updated about its developments and achievements in recent times. Tron (TRX) has one of the strongest communicating network among other digital assets. This helps the Tron users to be well aware of TRX future plans and current developments.  

Tron (TRX) is coming up well with its plans and looks to continue with its partnerships. All this has led TRX to be listed on certain new exchanges of the world. Recently, Sun announced TRX listing on Koineks, it is one of the fast-growing trading networks of Turkey. As we know that Turkey has a lot of tilt towards digital currency. So, TRX addition to one of biggest exchanges of Turkey will help the TRX user for trading.  

Tron (TRX) is also listed on BITEXBOOK, it is a part of StreamCapital Group LTD which was established in 2013. BITEXBOOK consists of bunch of programmers and financers. BITEXBOOK will provide TRX with instant deposit, withdrawal in one hour, verification process in less than 24 hours, funds safety and high-level security. So, this listing will be very healthy for TRX in coming days because BITEXBOOK will provide solutions to the problems of Tron network with the help of their well-equipped developers team. 

Tron (TRX) surpassed the top crypto assets in daily transaction on 3rd November and on Nov 4th it surpassed 1 million daily transactions. This a huge achievement of TRX network. Since the launch of the MainNet Tron has kept on improving its daily transactions. Recently, Sun proclaimed that TRX completed 996,041 transactions in a day beating BTC, ETH and XRP will a fair bit of margin. A community member tweeted: 

“TRON set a new record with 996,041 daily transactions on Nov 3
Comparison on Nov 3: $BTC: 249,564, $ETH: 505,015, $XRP: 265,004
= 1019583 Total Txs #TRX is a mere 23,542 Txs from beating the combined daily transaction volumes of #BTC, #ETH & #XRP!#IAmDecentralized” 

Tron network is looking to completely decentralized in true means by uprooting Power of Genesis Representative. Tron is in full pursue to remove this G.Rs, Marcus Zhao, head of Tron public chain division proclaimed on twitter: 

“The proposal of removing the power of the GR will be approved.” 

So, Tron is moving towards a completely decentralized asset and this is what cryptocurrency is all about i.e. decentralization. This is a huge step taken by Tron network and this will after all make Tron (TRX) a true decentralized digital asset. 

Well, Tron network is well on its way and this will be a huge boost for TRX in market. At the moment, TRX isn’t that much improving but still the best of TRX has been its stability in market after such bear market. But, know heading towards in future Tron will look to replicate the same in market i.e. what it has been doing practically.  

At the time of writing, Tron (TRX) was trading at a price of $0.024 USD having a market cap of $1.5 billion and was surging up at a rate of 3% in last 24 hours. In recent times, Tron has been trading around $0.022 USD to $0.024 USD mark. This shows that TRX has been able to go through the hard times of market pretty well and in the near bull market there is a very good time to come. 


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