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The end of November will see the Ethereum Classic (ETC) achieve a ground breaking achievement of being fully IoT compatible and this is a good reason to focus on its future as an investment proposition. The network has been underutilized and November 30, 2018 is set to become a turning point for the blockchain industry.

Ethereum Classic has not been hype driven which makes it the best long term traders and stakers. For instance, the ETC listing on the worlds popular exchange Coinbase did not have major impact on the coin price and the same is not expected to have much impact for the short term price movement.  So, why is Ethereum Classic the best investment in 2019 and beyond?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) IoT Compatibility

If you have been following the developments in crypto-sphere, you will agree that the Internet of Things is turning to be a hot cake and once Classic becomes IoT compatible, its full potential will soon start to be realized. However, the network transformation is not going to happen overnight; it is a long term venture that will benefit the long term stakers.

With many cryptocurrencies focus on short gains and fail to exploit the blockchain potential and this is an area Classic will beat them hands down in the future. The crypto backed technology is a hot cake topic at the moment and the hype will soon die down and the only platforms that will survive are ones investing on infrastructure and provision of real life solutions which ETC is working towards achieving.

Classic Advance Planning to take the IoT world by Storm

ETC appears not to be distracted by other IoT shinny players in the market. The key focus is the value offering in the long term. This might disappoint those in the crypto verse to prospect but for those who want to invest long term are set to benefit by the current developments on the platform. The project team is thinking beyond crypto and blockchain and this makes the system a sustainable one going forward.

Every other blockchain is rushing to develop wallets and chains but they have no ready market for these features. Ethereum Classic is waiting for these to be developed so it can use them for their IoT compatibility and growth. Once other market players bring their advanced IoT features and system into the market, it will be easy for Classic to integrate them and reap big in the future.

Ethereum Classic Streamlining the IoT Market Mess

Most market players are not focusing on IoT because their infrastructure is not compatible and this is a plus for classic. Ethereum for once cannot offer meaningful competition to Classic because their platform is not immutable and its governance is more centralized denying IoT enthusiasts the flexibility they demand.

The Ethereum problems are also being experienced by EOS and implementing IoT could turn out a nightmare for the platform. This leaves MIOTA the only meaningful competitor. However, MIOTA is technically different since it does not ride on blockchain hence it has its own limitations on the Tangle technology.

To date, Ethereum Classic has positive test results that show it is the best positioned to take the IoT market leadership. The November 30 shift will make or break the system however, technical trials show a lot of optimism the move is set to be a huge success and ETC can only become bigger and better come 2019.


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