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As the new month started it has brought a good deed for most of the altcoins in the market. Ripple’s XRP and Stellar (XLM) are two fast growing digital currency networks. Ripple provides with ultra-fast and scalable transactions with its RippleNet’s xRapid, whereas Stellar (XLM) is also one of few crypto’s providing fast, cheap and reliable platform for transferring of money across borders. 

Ripple is keeping on pushing XRP higher and higher as we near a new year. Similar is with XLM, despite having a bad year for cryptocurrency both of these coins have kept their price pretty stable around a certain mark. This is a sign for both the crypto’s to have a pretty successful time in coming year.  


The recent XRP surge once again overtook Ethereum (ETH) in the market rankings after rising up to almost 15% on 6th November. This was the third time XRP surpassed ETH in recent times. This shows a very bright future for XRP and a pure bullish trend coming for the coin in coming time.  

In the meanwhile, the listing of XRP on the Coinbase takes another hype. Coinbase after their announcement that they will be adding new digital assets to their exchange have excited many crypto users of different coins. XRP users believe that the digital asset will be listed on the exchange as XRP has been one of the leading crypto’s in the market. XRP has proved its worth in the market and has shown a sign that it will be replacing Ethereum permanently in coming time. 

The current price surge of XRP is due to the Ripple entering the economic hub of Middle East, Dubai. Ripple has planned to open its office in Dubai expanding its network across the Middle Eastern countries. Dilip Roa, Ripple’s global Chief of Infrastructure stated: 

“We now have three banks in Saudi Arabia, two in Kuwait, one in Bahrain, one in Oma and a couple in the UAE and it really is out fastest growing marketplace.” 

So, this expansion of Ripple in middle east has helped XRP improve its price in the market. Ripple has been a backbone for XRP’s performance in the market. In coming time, we will see XRP on top, it will be all due to Ripple’s innovation, adoption and integration of its blockchain based liquidity products. 

Stellar (XLM) 

Stellar (XLM) is along XRP (Based on Ripple blockchain) is the digital asset which aims to improve the cross-border payment system with their rapid blockchain technology. XLM has a very strong growing technology which is a future prospect for the asset and this will lead it to moon. Stellar’s invention of Interstellar has been a very crucial part of XLM and it has kept the crypto verse abuzz.  

The recent surge in price of Stellar (XLM) has been due to its announcement of $125 million XLM giveaway. The cryptocurrency firm announced that the XLM wallet holders who will sign up for the airdrop will be awarded with free XLM. The $125 million giveaway will be the largest in cryptocurrency history, Stellar proclaimed: 

“Most popular crypto wallet with over 25 million users added Lumens as 4th asset (after BTC, ETH & BCH). The biggest crypto airdrop—we are distributing $125M of Stellar XLM to our users to build on the crypto revolution. Sign up for the waitlist!” 

So, all-in-all Stellar (XLM) looks pretty balanced heading to 2019 and in a bull run it will benefit a lot just like XRP. So, investors should keep an eye on both the crypto’s and invest in them because the future will for XRP and XLM HODLers can be turning them into to millionaires. 


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