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Electroneum (ETN) might not be in the top 50 digital coins in the market today but there is something so special about it that should keep you watching its inroads to the top coin club in the near future. Already the ecosystem is sending shivers among traditional and established players in the money payment industry and it is an app to watch after the likes of Bitcoin go extinct.

Electroneum is eyeing the PayPal market and its potential is shaping up. Riding on the power of block, the coin is set to interrupt the industry. The ecosystem has seen a myriad of loopholes in the industry and is gearing up to fill these and offer better and user friendly services that existing players have ignored or not taken note of.

Getting hold of Electroneum is Easy

There are millions of crypto enthusiasts out there who have been locked out of the virtual money trading tables because it is not easy to get hold of their first coins and start investing. With ETN, the story is different and anyone with a smartphone can own a piece of the pie.

The ETN app is very easy to run through and you can mine your first coins using your home CPU or GPU and you do not have to incur huge power bills. A simple internet enabled phone is all you need to become a miner on the Electroneum system.

Electroneum Steady Growth Keeping PayPal et al Worried

The last few months have seen the coin value grow and this has impacted positively to its market capitalization a good indication that its usability is on the rise and tis cannot happen without active subscriber base. The coin is still trading under the $0.5 mark and ideal for natural mass adoption.

The payment market monopoly is about to come to a premature end and the like PayPal might not take it lying down and the looming showdown will see better services from the players and this will drastically reduce the cost of using the money payment services and Electroneum (ETN) will be the major beneficiary by virtue of its virginity in the market.

Electroneum Promising Value Proposition

Investors have tried all old generation digital coins and the result has turned out disastrous. Hype has been the price driver for these coins but with the latest outfit, functionality and real world solution offering is what is driving ETN to the future. The coin combines the crypto-concept with usability.

Users and ardent crypto investors are seeing Electroneum beyond its native coin and are investing in the infrastructure that is poised to provide solutions to problems that the existing monopolies have been using to fleece their users due to lack if better options.

In a nutshell, Electroneum (ETN) is not competing with other blockchain entities but improving on where they have failed but still keeping Nakamoto’s vision alive. However, at the back of the develop team mind is dynamic nature of the technology with keen focus on what the consumer demands are.

Electroneum Future is Clear Cut

Apart from the use of ETN mining, the app brings a mix of the mobile telephony power to the blockchain world. This means additional security, anonymity, speed and reliability when interacting with your digital and to some extend your fiat money. All transactions are mobile based and you can send and receive your digital coins on the go.

At the current price of $0.016372, Electroneum (ETN) is any investor pocket friendly and the price does not look like is headed south soon. Once the project is rolled out in full, the potential will send the ETN value to the sky making the system an investment worthwhile. Think of the next digital coin after Bitcoin mining comes to a halt.


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