XRP (XRP) few days ago once again overtook Ethereum and looked to surge. As it hit the highs of $0.56 USD surpassing the market cap of ETH. It has been a while know that XRP has been trading below $1 mark. But, XRP has developed itself one of the leading crypto’s in the world with the help of Ripple’s blockchain.  

The firm behind XRP (i.e. Ripple) has come up with a great technology providing really fast speed, certainty and low-cost. Ripple is solving real-world problems and it is coming up with real world uses. That’s why different financial firms want to adopt Ripple and use XRP (i.e. xCurrent & xRapid) for transaction purpose. In such a less time Ripple’s XRP has become one of the largely adopted digital assets in the world. 

Why should the HODLers do in such a situation when XRP suddenly rises and then drops back, such is the situation today. The long-term HODLers need to know one thing that this downfall in price of XRP today has been due to those short-term investors, who invest and take benefit from a bull market and take out their assets. Some user’s thing that this has been due to SWIFT denning the Partnership with Ripple. As SWIFT clarified that they have their own path and will be working on their technology, SWIFT tweeted: 

“Speed, transparency and traceability. With #SWIFTgpi, we are proud to be delivering on our #payments promises to the global community.” 

But still why HODLer need to HODL on XRP? The XRP HODLers need to bit patient because XRP is preparing itself for a bigger target to achieve in coming years. XRP is similar to Bitcoin in its early days, when Bitcoin was new in the market and everyone was interested in BTC and investing in it and after few years BTC investors became millionaire.  

Ripple is threatening SWIFT, as the Ripple blockchain is far superior than SWIFT’s technology. It is fast, secure, reliable, low-cost and provides such other benefits to the users. So, Ripple in this prospect as well looks to be the world’s next biggest thing in banking technology. 

The firm behind XRP, Ripple is the standout for XRP to go bullish in coming years. Ripple has improved so much that every firm, especially financial firms are looking to adopt Ripple’s RippleNet technology. So far, Ripple has entered in Middle East, Europe and America with a bang. The banks around the world are using Ripple’s xCurrent or xRapid for transaction of money.    

So, everyone knows what Ripple blockchain has achieved in such a short period and XRP has become one of the top digital assets in the world. Proving its worth in such a short time is not easy and this is what Ripple has done so emphatically. So, keeping in view what Bitcoin did in the past, XRP HODLers need to wait for the right time and the current situation shows that XRP will be making many investors millionaire just like Bitcoin did.  

The users and investors do not need to worry about XRP price, rather they should take benefit from it and buy XRP with low cost at the moment. Currently, XRP (XRP) was trading at a price of $0.514 USD having a market cap of $20.6 billion, at the time of writing. Today, XRP was down with most of the other altcoins in red zone, but XRP will soon be on the gaining track.


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