Digibyte, DGB

Digibyte (DGB) has taken a huge hit this year, dropping not just in market cap rankings, but in prices as well. However, compared to its past prices, this is probably the best time to get into Digibyte (DGB).  Let’s go through some of the reasons why Digibyte (DGB) presents a perfect opportunity that may not come again for years to come.

  1. Its use case has grown significantly in 2018

Compared to 2017, the Digibyte (DGB) use case is probably way better than it has ever been. In 2018, Digibyte (DGB) has gained adoption as a currency and a cybersecurity tool.  Today, Digibyte (DGB) is widely used for transaction purposes in Venezuela. Also, several platforms such as Antum are now using Digibyte for cybersecurity. Jared Tate has also touched on enabling businesses to build on the Digibyte (DGB) blockchain, especially in the real estate industry. This all points to the increased intrinsic value for Digibyte (DGB), even though the price is not moving much.  As such, this is an opportunity to buy into Digibyte (DGB) because there is a mismatch between its value and price, and it’s what savvy investors in all asset classes look for. Actually, it’s what the world’s most successful investor, Warren Buffet looks for when investing in stocks.  The moment price moves and it catches up to the fundamentals, Digibyte (DGB) could hit upwards of a dollar in value.

  1. Digibyte (DGB) is close to the bottom

Markets go up and down all the time, and people who understand this always make money irrespective of the asset class.  Just like crypto prices would never have gone up forever in 2017, one cannot expect the 2018 bear run to last forever. At some point, it is bound to end. In fact, from a look at Digibyte’s chart, chances are that it could have hit the bottom. That’s because, in the last few months, it has stabilized at around $0.02. The selling momentum it had a few months earlier has also declined. This could be an indicator that the market is entering over-sold territory, and any further declines may not be that strong.  As such, Digibyte’s current prices may actually be a good buying point with a long-term view. Not only is it cheap, but the risk of loss from buying at current prices is also relatively low when compared to waiting for it to hit higher prices.

  1. Crypto as a whole is in the depression phase of market cycles

After months of hope that a rebound is coming, crypto seems to have entered a depression phase. This means that most of the investors who were in it for quick profits are either long gone, or have been forced by the market to HODL. There is also a sense of despair in most crypto communities. This is an indicator that a market-wide rebound is getting closer, and Digibyte (DGB), whose fundamentals are getting better, stands a good chance of performing better than it did in the last Bull Run. $1 per DGB would not be a Far-fetched projection.


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