Stellar, XLM

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there are many factors to consider before making an informed investing decision and here is where trash is separated from the real digital coins. Stellar (XLM) has over the years been undervalued simply because its price has been struggling under the $1 mark. Compared to Ethereum (ETH), the price factor could be true but looking at its hidden potential, Stellar is far much superior.

While Ethereum is shedding its market position, Stellar popularity is on the rise and this could be the beginning of a supremacy war between the two. Stellar is set to become the market leader in international money transfers while Ethereum is struggling to retain its current client base due to technological limitations. Here are some points that make stellar stand out from Ethereum.

Stellar Digital Currency Movement Solution

The crypto sphere is still young and complex for many users and many users are stuck on the initial money movement between wallets. The Stellar network makes it easy to shuffle digital and fiat currencies between wallets with a lot of ease; an area where Ethereum has failed terribly.

The inter-wallet money movement is one of the simplest win for XLM in the market and this is a huge win in its market penetration. There is no need to have funds in a wallet that is sealed; it hold funds from circulation hence a big drawback for the value appreciation of the coin.

Stellar (XLM) Interoperability

The fact that Stellar interoperability cut across two economies is a surefire way to make the XLM coin the stand alone choice for the international trader. The current stability of the XLM coin cushions the holder against the market volatility and also offers them an easy exit point from the virtual currency world to that of fiat when market conditions are not favorable.

The fortunes of the coin got a major boost from Stripe that turned it into a multi-transaction channel. Stripe has supported the blockchain development and has pushed XLM presence into the Brazilian market through Mercado Bitcoin. To add on to its support, Stripe pumped over $3million into the Stellar ecosystem.

Stellar Dominating the Market

The collaboration between Stellar Deloitte Digital Bank and IBM has seen more projects head to the ecosystem. This has also boosted the platforms cross border trading confidence and the influx of new and promising projects building on Stellar.

Mobius Network ICO and ZED Network for global payments are some of the early projects that Stellar has attracted. Unlike its competition in the market, Stellar is a quick link between the banks and the real end user. There are no middlemen or third parties to handle transactions.

Stellar Lumens Better Features

Apart from the high profile partners, the platform has unique feature that beats Ethereum and other competitors hands down. It is cheap to transact on Stellar compared to Ethereum and the transactions speeds are incredible and beats even the traditional money payments system by far.

Ad traditional cross border service providers strive to achieve real time service delivery, Stellar is already there with a time lapse of 5 seconds. This is one feature that has excited the investor community and seen the network register a flood of users this year alone.

The ease of use and compatibility with payment gateway system integration more developers are heading to Stellar and utilize their user friendly tool kits for developers. Ethereum does not offer developer flexibility and freedom and a chunk of these catalysts are choosing Stellar due to its open-source concept.

Ripple’s XRP Struggles as Stellar Blossoms

Ripple’s XRP is a huge Stellar challenger but apart from XRP sizeable capitalization, there is nothing much to show. Ripple has been fighting to get listed on major crypto exchanges and ignored its market growth. Its failure to concentrate on the banks to chase major listing has seen its popularity drop while that of XLM is on the rise.

XRP failure to capitalize on the wide bank network under its control has seen Stellar control the actual real word currency transmission solutions and by the time the competitor wakes up from slumber, Stellar will have taken the work by storm.


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