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Investing in cryptocurrencies comes with a lot of risks and investors are looking or coins that offer low risks and better returns. As much as it is hard to determine the risk level, some platforms have the investor confidence more than others and NEM (XEM) and Ripple’s XRP popularity is based on their performance and the markets they play in.

NEM’s XEM might be a minnow when compared to Ripple MCAP by virtue of being ranked 17 while XRP is holding steadily at position 3 among the most valuable coins. NEM user cases are on the rise while those of its counterpart are concentrated on the banking sector which has several crypto competitors.

Why NEM is Getting More Attention

NEM whose ticker is XEM is a new market entrant with better features and functionalities. It is a platform whose popularity is derived from the underlying security. It is easy for businesses and individual to trust a secure platform where they can stow away their personal information and data.

The NEM system helps users to store sensitive information and various file formats in their computers without worrying about their being tampered with. Once you store your files, the file structure cannot be altered and cannot be accessed by others in the system without your consent.

The coin entered the market after Ripple’s XRP and its impressive features have seen increased adoption and interest from a wide array of investors of repute. With many platforms facing scalability problems, NEM has been constructed to scale from scratch and has given API developers an upper hand in building their projects on the ecosystem.

Ripple Breaking Even In the Banking Front

Ripple’s XRP appears to concentrate on one industry which is risky should banks refuse to accepts its products. Secondly, there are many competing players in the niche with each fighting hard to control major banks. A diversified XRP can mean better value proposition and increased investor interest but the developers are not keen exploiting the potential the ecosystem has on offer.

Strengthening their hold on the partner banks should be their top priority but instead, the platform has concentrated on getting their visibility through exchanges of repute which the coin has failed miserably. If their products which include xRapid, xVia and xCurrent can get bank acceptance, getting listed can be a smooth ride for the coin due to its demand from the masses.

With XRP popularity centered on transferring money globally, it has attracted a sizeable following especially for traders and investors looking for an instant money transfer gateway at an affordable transaction rate. The only selling point for XRP is its reduced transaction fee compared to conventional platforms like Western Union and MoneyGram.

NEM’s XEM and Ripple’s XRP Price Status

If you are the investor that thinks price first; XEM and XRP have you covered. Both coin prices are below the $1 mark and a good entry point for any investor. At the time of filing this report XEM price stood at $0.108736 after 24 hour gains of 16.91% against the green buck with a total of $41 million worth of XEM changing hands.

Ripple XRP on the other hand is trading at $0.504320 with gains of 0.26% a clear case that it is expensive compared to XEM and price conscious investors are likely to stake on XEM. The highest the XRP price has ever gone this year is the $4.5 threshold and XEM slightly under the $2 mark and from the performance; it is easy to know where the value lies between the two coins.


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