Electroneum, ETN

Electroneum (ETN) has hit the market running and has already endeared to many users as the mobile money enabler which has been the missing link in the market. Its entry into the 3trillion dollar market has shaken the traditional money transfer outfits to their roots. However, the coin’s takes off, just like other coins, has been punctuated by price drops and appreciation.

With the unbanked population still looking for efficient ways to access their money at reduced costs, Electroneum has come at the right time and this deficiency in the market is what the coin is using to make an impact in the mobile money transfer niche.

Will Electroneum Tame the Rogue Mobile Money Market?

The upsurge and popularity of smartphones is a key selling point for the technology and these users interact with their gadgets 24/7 and this will give them unlimited access to their funds which will eventually translate into ETN demand.

Out of the over 350 million consumers with no access to banking facilities, a huge fractions does business using their mobile phones and this is where the ecosystem comes in handy. The network is accessible in every corner of the globe and unlike PayPal or VISA, there are not restrictions based on geographical location.

The World Lacks a Crypto Friendly Outfit

The flexibility and aces of the Electroneum platform is similar to that of social networks and the ease of use is incredible. However, the platform is built to scale and this makes it stand tall among its competitions from the crypto verse and convectional systems.

With partnerships will major mobile telephony companies in the offing, a simple integration with the ETN system will give the unbanked smartphone user better control of their virtual funds. As of now, the user base is above 2.5 million and growing fast to the surprise of many crypto enthusiasts.

The introduction multi-languages on the Android app is a ground breaking move that will see over 20 different languages become available.  This will act as the stimulant for the viral Electroneum growth making it among top most sought after coins at the moment.

Electroneum Unique Route to Market

The most interesting part about the system is that is riding on the already existing mobile phone service provider network to reach its target users. This will be an easy catch and will make the coin a huge hit sooner than many critics think. Existing mobile provider companies will onboard ready with their subscribers and this could turn out to be the easiest route to the market for the system.

The collaboration will benefit the mobile operators and the coin and their audience will enjoy reduced costs of transaction. Simple software integration unlocks more capabilities between the two partners and opens up the flood gates to existing users who are sure bet converters of adorers into adopters.

Electroneum is set to introduce a point of sale system that will ride on the blockchain instant payment feature and this will open up the coin for instant spend ability. This will be in two ways; trough user wallet and the point of sale.

Chance to Own Electroneum (ETN)

The native ETN coin plays a major role in the network and its increased usage will spur demand and at the end of the day the value will head to the moon. At the time of reporting, the coin price stood at $0.014911 after a 24 trading session in the red after shedding 0.63% to the dollar. However, the coin is oscillating at $0.10 to $0.20 with a major breakout in the offing before the end of Q4.

A little spike in adoption growth will see Electroneum (ETN) value increase drastically and this will be spurred by the anticipated mass partnerships with mobile operators across the globe. the coin price on the other hand is gearing to go and many investors are capitalizing on its low cost below the $1 market to make a kill in the coming months.


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