Ethereum Classic, ETC Coin

Ethereum Classic has been around for quite a while and it is only in the recent months that investors have started taking note of its potential. The platform is not just after the current crypto hype but built for the future. The good thing about Classic is that it is not a rushed project but well calculated to give the investor good returns on their investment.

The network has stood firm behind its projects and it is not in a hurry to roll out these based on consumer demand which might yield “quantity” and miss on “quality”. With crypto enthusiasts shifting their interest from the monetary value to the technology being deployed, Classic has stood out as the only focused platform and will outshine many in the next six years or so.

ETC Not Appealing Now But will in the Future

Many investors and crypto fanatics tend to undervalue ETC because it does not have the current appeal that other coins are riding on. However, looking at the next 5 years, it stands out as the shiny outfit that will change the investor perception of blockchain.

There are good platforms that are attracting good projects but their reputation is being eroded since some of the projects are scams and they are just launching to create hype around the incubator platform. These mother platforms have a good vision but the developers building on them are looking at the profit part and not the future and here is where Classic is shining.

Ethereum Classic taking care of Future Consumer Demands Today

At the moment cryptos and blockchain are hot cake topics and people are looking for the network to identify with but most of the shiny outfits are not build to scale. Ethereum Classic interest is because people now know what to do with the technology and the team behind this project has an idea of what they want to accomplish.

Classic has learned a big lesson from Ethereum (ETH) when it comes to scaling which appears to be bringing the flagship altcoin down. This has seen it introduce the Plasma protocol just to remain relevant in the market. The unnecessary upgrade on most of the platforms is a clear indication of trying to survive and gain relevance in the market, a move Ethereum Classic does not subscribe to.

The Team working on the project has embraced the technology as a facilitator and an enabler to its users to grow their businesses across various industries. This makes Classic well positioned to take a lead in ushering in the true value of blockchain in the near future.

Clear Cut Future of the Ethereum Classic (ETC)

The future of technology is headed the IoT way and Classic seems to have cracked the industry. However, the developers are not in a hurry to hype up their route to the market yet; they are waiting for the masses to take note and jump in and spread the word through a functional system that is already in place.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) community has been put together by the future value proposition of the network and not the current pricing of the ETC coin. Once the platform is fully functional, the value of ETC will automatically skyrocket as a result of its demand and this will mean a sustainable project of the future.


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