The DLT space is still young, and most cryptos are still working on partnerships that can take them to the next level. For investors, one of the best ways to determine the future of a cryptocurrency is by its partnerships and potential partnerships. Using this parameter, IOTA (MIOTA) is probably one of the best cryptocurrencies that one that can hold for the long haul.  That’s because all the partnerships they have struck so far are with industry titans.

For instance, IOTA has struck partnerships with some of the top companies in the auto industry, such as Audi and Volkswagen.   The IOTA team has also been adding members who have the networks to bring in even more high-level partnerships. Their latest addition, Pierre, has connections with globally renowned corporations such as Microsoft and Total. But there is one partnership that would literally dwarf all the rest and take IOTA (MIOTA) to the next phase of growth if it were to happen, and that’s a partnership with SAP.

Speculation around such a partnership stems from the fact that SAP is showing a strong interest in DLTs. There are many signs of its growing interest in blockchain technology. For instance, on the 15th of this month, SAP will be holding a blockchain summit. As per the SAP events page, this event will be about sharing ideas on issues to do with blockchain tech. Here is part of what SAP states on their page about this event.

The SAP Enterprise Blockchain Summit is the premier event for business leaders exploring the distributed ledger technology that enables transparency, trust, and efficiency.  Join blockchain experts who share their in-real-life-tested use cases: Network and unwind, get exposed to new ideas and meet fellow attendees for pragmatic, genuine insights, exclusively hosted at Humboldt Carré in Berlin-Mitte on November 15, 2018.

What’s of interest to IOTA investors is that a member of the IOTA team will be presenting at this event. IOTA’s Julie Maupin will be one of the speakers at this event. Julie is the director of social impact and regulatory affairs at IOTA. Her presentation could play a role in influencing the adoption of IOTA by SAP. That’s considering the fact that SAP is looking to tap into the wisdom of people outside of the SAP ecosystem.

So why is SAP such a big deal for IOTA (MIOTA)? Well, it’s because of its size and influence in the markets. SAP is a multi-billion dollar company and is quite influential in the tech industry.  Today, the company was in the news thanks to its $8 billion acquisition of Qualtrics. This goes to show how significant a company SAP is. As such, the fact that a member of the IOTA (MIOTA) team is presenting at a SAP event is in itself a big deal. If a partnership emerges at some point in the future, the buzz it would cause in the market would easily push IOTA (MIOTA) to the moon. IOTA (MIOTA) is already making moves as news of this event filter into the market.


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