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XRP (XRP) has been the wonder coin for some time now and Ripple enhancements have led XRP very high in the market in recent times. XRP has set up a nice pace before it enters a new year. XRP has been one of the top cryptocurrencies this year. The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse spoke to bloomberg and talked about Ripple’s improving technology. He called for ‘global framework’ for payments and talked about the vulnerabilities of the leading crypto Bitcoin.  

Ripple is resolving the cross-border payment issues which is the key for such a fast growth of the blockchain firm. Talking about the speed and cost of XRP, Brad added that it is 1000x quicker and economical than BTC. That is the reason why most of the banks around the world are adopting Ripple. In such a less time Ripple has achieved a lot, especially the banks are fully trusting Ripple’s blockchain technology and this has put the future of SWIFT payment system under serious threat. 

According to Brad Ripple blockchain is taking over the SWIFT as he does not thing SWIFT has really evolved, Garlinghouse stated: 

“The technologies that banks use today that Swift developed decades ago really haven’t evolved or kept up with the market.” 

Ripple is already working with hundred plus Fintech groups and most of the top banks around the world. Brad said that what they are doing day in and day out has made them really over take SWIFT all together.  

All these statements by Brad Garlinghouse were based on facts, they were not just predictions or something primitive but was most often the reality of what Ripple blockchain has achieved through its RippleNet (xCurrent and xRapid). So, the summary of all this is that Ripple is better than Bitcoin and SWIFT and this will help XRP be the biggest asset in time to come.  

Recently, Japanese bank signed a MoU with Brazil’s Bradesco bank S.A. In this partnership both the banks will use Ripple for the cross-border payments. Ripple currently provides xCurrent and xRapid, which uses XRP tokens for transaction purpose by banks. This is one of the newest adoptions of Ripple by any bank around the world, and almost every day a new partnership comes up with a bank, which is growing Ripple’s network and helping XRP grow as well.  

Ripple is the backbone of XRP and whatever Ripple is doing automatically affects XRP price and performance in the market. Brad Garlinghouse recent interview has seen XRP surge decently as compared to most of the other digital assets. So, XRP is wandering around and in coming time we will see XRP permanently settle as the number 2nd crypto in the world, as the market trend shows a high bullish momentum coming the way of XRP (XRP). 

At the time of writing, XRP was trading with a price of $0.50 USD having a market cap of $20.3 million with a market volume of $599 million. XRP has been stumbling around a $0.4 USD to $0.5 USD which shows how stable has been XRP and it is expected that the price of XRP will shoot in near future. Many crypto analyst’s thing that XRP might touch $5 mark, well we do not exactly know when it will hit $5 mark but it will hit very soon as the prospects of XRP market looks pretty strong. 


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