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It’s another red day for crypto, and there are fears that it could correct even further. However, this drop presents an opportunity to accumulate on high-value coins that have the potential to shoot up in value in the near future. One such coin is Zilliqa (ZIL). Zilliqa is one coin whose characteristics make it a valuable hold going into the future, going into the future.

One of the factors that give Zilliqa value in the market is its scalability. Most platform blockchains are facing the challenge of scalability. Even Ethereum (ETH), the largest platform blockchain in the market, is still dealing with the challenge of scalability. Without the ability to scale, it will be a big challenge for these blockchains to gain widespread adoption. Zilliqa has solved this problem using Sharding.  In tests, Zilliqa has been shown to hit over a thousand transactions per second and can achieve more. This gives it a higher intrinsic value than most other cryptos in its category.  This gives it a huge potential for gains the moment the market turns bullish again.

Another factor that makes Zilliqa a high potential buy now that the market is in a correction is its marketing efforts.  Marketing is a huge part of the growth of any cryptocurrency. It is marketing that will open up the doors to adoption. Zilliqa is doing quite well on this front. It has made significant progress in terms of pushing outside of its home-base in Asia.

For instance, Zilliqa has made significant progress in terms of marketing, by opening offices in other continents such as Europe. As companies in the European continent learn of the power of the Zilliqa blockchain, adoption will grow, and so will the value of the Zilliqa blockchain. This aspect of it makes it heavily mismatched in terms of value-v-price, and a good investment in this market downturn.

Then there is the big news coming up in Q1, the mainnet launch. Zilliqa will be launching its mainnet on the 31st of January 2019. This is a big deal and could see the value of Zilliqa pump by a huge margin. That’s because it will open up this blockchain for adoption, and it already has the tools to allow for its adoption in the Dapps market. On top of that, the mainnet launch could create FOMO around XRP after as the date approaches. This could see the value of Zilliqa rise significantly ahead of the launch. As such, it makes sense to get in early in anticipation of this possible pump.

A combination of the above factors makes Zilliqa a high-value blockchain that has the potential to outperform the market in 2019. It stands to gain even more if a few major companies would announce that they are building on Zilliqa. This would a sign of Zilliqa acceptance in the market, one that could see it continue to make gains in 2019.  Zilliqa’s long-term prospects look good. Its chances of pushing up to a dollar or a figure close by in 2019 are quite high.


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