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It is a known fact that no one can predict the direction a digital coin price or value it takes and what we currently have is mere speculation. The crypto market is highly volatile and no cryptocurrency is an island. There are only two options and Dogecoin (DOGE) can only go up or down.

The market decentralized nature makes it difficult to manipulate the price value of the digital assets and only platforms offering real-world solutions have been able to cushion the volatility to some levels. With many coins coming into the limelight through hype tied to developmental events, Dogecoin has shunned the hype and survived in the murky crypto swamp.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Packaging

A lot has happened for DOGE and the platform celebrates its 5th birthday, there is a lot to take pride in. Despite its origin and association with the cute pet dog depiction, DOGE has thrived on speculations until recently when its developer realized the potential that can be unlocked from the platform and started developing it actively.  For one the coins beat Bitcoin due to its non-deflationary nature; DOGE mining is not restricted.

Another key feature that makes the coin standout is its current price which is affordable to a wider market. As much is the mining is not a get rich quick process, it offers and entry point to anyone keen on getting started with crypto mining. The growth of the Shibes’ community is based on their passion around the not too serious coin.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Unique and Growing Usability

Before the entry of DOGE into the crypto world, tipping was not taken seriously and this is what has given the platform unique brand functionality. Rewarding internet goers using crypto assets has become very popular and the coin has seized the opportunity to shine. Simple rewarding for good online content is a new concept and Dogecoin, through social platforms, has made a name in the market.

The community-powered network has also been used for fundraising to aid select needy cases from water provision in Kenya and supporting sports team in Jamaica for the winter Olympics among other cases. However, the coin has made huge development steps and these have med the coin a force to reckon with to be among the top 30 valuable coins by market cap.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Getting a Future Face

The Dogecoin community passion has been boosted by the unveiling of the Dogethereum Beta Bridge that will see a functional link between DOGE and ETH which will see Dogecoin gain more visibility reach and ease of usability. This has also seen its transactions surpass those of Bitcoin Cash in the last five months.

The entry of DogePpal is another huge milestone that is set to boost the coin value, increase its demand and eventually translate into higher value. The developer team appears to be doing something right given that the coin has remained steady among the top 30 given that other coins have been in the ranks and have faltered to oblivion.

DOGE is Currency and not Stock

For most investors, the driving force behind their coin choice is price and not the long-term investment and they tend to undervalue DOGE and comparing it with stocks and yet this is a digital currency. As a digital asset, it is open to speculation and its recent platform update is a clear indication that the coin is here to stay and is just getting bigger and better.

The current Dogecoin renaissance has seen the coin get listed on major exchanges, added in various stores including Lazy Pyramid as a payment method. The coin might become accepted on Amazon and once this happens, it will be a groundbreaking move that will see the coin become a good buy and threaten the Bitcoin and Ethereum popularity in the crypto-sphere.


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