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Stellar Lumens (XLM) looks to thrive as it has another good day in the market. Couple of days back Stellar (XLM) overtook EOS in the coinmarketcap rating and moved to fifth spot. The third-generation cryptocurrency is showing signs of a future dominance in the market and the rise in XLM price has made Stellar prosper in the market this time around. This has been due to such condition of market, where Bitcoin has dropped significantly and this drop of BTC has had effect on other altcoins.

Recently, XRP over took Ethereum (ETH) once again today (16th Oct, 2018) and this gives a chance to XLM to jump one step higher taking advantage from the current market situation. But overall, XLM and XRP have been the stand out performers in market this year, though the market has been much tougher than last year and start of 2018.  

Stellar (XLM) with its technology is aiming to be the next big thing in cross-border transactions. Stellar is looking to innovate the banking system just like Ripple, and is trying to overtake this banking system, which is slow, costly and non-reliable. Now both of the digital assets are in competition with each other, XRP has Ripple’s blockchain behind it and XLM has its own blockchain technology. Stellar (XLM) is more of an underdog as compared to XRP, because XLM has a partnership with IBM, which has lots of experience and banking relationships. This partnership will help Stellar (XLM) leap its adoption going in to the future.  

The way it looks discerning the current and past analysis that Stellar (XLM) and XRP (XRP) are going to be the future leader as they will hit the heights of Burj Khalifa. After further scrutinizing Stellar (XLM) in last 24 hours’ time, XLM is rising at a pace of almost 8%. Stellar will know be aiming for fourth spot in coming time if the market situation remains similar.  

In future the most important thing for Stellar (XLM) will be decoupling from Bitcoin, because know the altcoin has developed itself as one of the top currencies and has a good technology and is really aiming to fix the real-world problems. With all such stuff happening around crypto enthusiasts are seeing Stellar (XLM) being listed on the renowned exchange, Coinbase. Well, if this happens XLM surely will be enjoying the moment but it will be XLM investors and users who will be celebrating more, because it will skyrocket the price of XLM.  

At the time of writing, Stellar (XLM) was trading with price of $0.247 USD having a market cap of $4.6 billion, with a trading volume of $121 million. In last 24 hours, XLM has surged up to 8% and has been dominating the entire market alongside XRP. In coming days, we can expect such stuff from XLM and holding the price tag of $0.2 USD consistently shows that Stellar is looking for a bigger move ahead in bull market. A coin which is cheap and has shown signs of moving up all the year, it is the best time to invest in it and HODL on for a while and wait for it to blast in next coming year.


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