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The crypto market has remained bearish most of the time this year. Bitcoin (BTC) has had some terrible time in the last couple of weeks, especially. This has given XRP (XRP) a chance to confirm its place at second spot at the moment. We have seen XRP overtaking Ethereum (ETH) a couple of times this year, but it was not able to stay there for a longer time. This time around the situation has been a bit different. Due to the significant drop of Bitcoin, most of the market is going through a severe downward trend. Bitcoin is down by -15%, Ethereum by -14%, Stellar by -8%, Bitcoin Cash by -43% and other top coins are also down around -10%, at the time of writing.  

XRP (XRP) is moving up by just over 0.1% which could be assumed as a bullish trend in such red-hot condition. XRP is currently dominating the market and is aiming to reach the green zone. It has been one of the few coins which have shown resistance to this bear market. BTC downfall doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on XRP’s price this time around. XRP has been trading around a pretty stable mark which has been around $0.5 USD to $0.45 USD. At the time of writing, XRP is trading at a price of $0.48 USD. When compared with BTC it is moving up with almost 18%, which puts XRP in very strong position to compete with BTC in the coming days.  

Bitcoin (BTC) in last seven days has lost up to -26%, but it is not all about BTC’s downfall which has held XRP at the second spot. Ripple has been the main reason behind XRP’s success. Ripple is going through different partnerships, which helps everyone around the world to use Ripple’s XRP, inside and outside the cryptosphere. Due to partnerships Ripple has gained a lot of success and this has automatically helped XRP’s growth.

At the moment, XRP is the only coin in the top 10 which is in green and as compared with the market it is performing very decently. This position of XRP has made crypto analysts say that the users should drop Bitcoin and go for XRP. They have said this due to such a dominating performance by XRP, but this could not be the only reason. The main reason why analysts are going bullish on XRP is its technology which sets XRP apart from other crypto’s. It is the third-generation digital currency with fast, much secure and reliable technology. The banking system has been revolutionized by Ripple’s xCurrent and xRapid. XRP is solving the real-world problems and this is what that has made the world adopt XRP.  

The next year is assumed to be XRP’s year and we can see from the current market, which gives us the signal of XRP to go bullish in 2019 and go past BTC to become the next Bitcoin. The market has clearly indicated that XRP is the future winner and will be the successor of BTC. So, the user needs to go for XRP and it can give them the same leisure, which Bitcoin gave to its investor’s couple of years ago.   


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