Digibyte, Basic Attention Token

With most altcoins down by over 90%, it takes lots of faith for an investor to hold on to their investments. The market is at the stage where most people are not sure whether to hold, and new investors are jittery about pumping money into crypto. This fear is not exactly unfounded, there are lots of altcoins that won’t make a comeback. That’s because they were either outright scams, or don’t have the competitive edge needed to stay ahead in this market. However, there are those that have what it takes to thrive, and for investors that overcome fear, these projects could turn out to be money minting machines in the future. Some of these projects are Digibyte (DGB) and Basic Attention Token (BAT).  Here’s a more detailed look at each of them and why they are worth the money.

Digibyte (DGB)

A look at Digibyte (DGB)’s price action in the past 11 months would scare away any inexperienced investor. However, for battle-hardened investors that understand value, Digibyte is a coin worth considering in a long-term crypto portfolio. One of Digibyte’s key strengths is that it was never an ICO, and it is community driven. This is important because it means Digibyte (DGB) will never be manipulated by a few people, out to scam investors.

It is a true blockchain that will always exist for as long as blockchain has value. The fact that it is trustless and uncensorable makes it sound money, and that’s value. On top of that, Digibyte (DGB) has use cases in valuable industries, which gives it an element of longevity in this market. For instance, cybersecurity will continue to grow in importance, and since Digibyte (DGB) is at the center of it, its value in this market will grow over the years. As such, its current prices, though not looking good, could be an opportunity for long-term investors to accumulate before the FOMO that comes with bullish markets.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT is a gem that will surprise many in the long run. It is the token used on the brave browser, a browser that is changing how online advertising works. The brave browser makes online advertising easier by making it more efficient for the user, and the advertisers. Advertisers get value for their money,  while the user doesn’t have to deal with useless adverts that have made the use of ad-blockers the norm for most people. Brave is so good that it has been gaining traction fast, with millions of people using it every month.

Given that BAT is the token making it all work, it means that its value can only grow over time. BAT has also been listed on a number of major exchanges including Coinbase. This will play a role in driving up its trading volumes going into the future. As such, it makes sense to hold it in a crypto portfolio, in spite of the fact that the market is uncertain and chaotic right now.  Its future potential is way higher than any price fluctuations it may have in the present.


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