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The last few months for Crypto market have got worse and even horrible as Bitcoin (BTC) has struggled. Cardano (ADA) has also lost its value but in other aspects, it has been good for ADA, as it has been able to jump up the rankings. The market has shown some positive indicators from the last couple of days. It is not yet a bullish trend, but it indicates towards a bull run in coming time. Different altcoins have shown really good progress in the last 24 hours and Cardano (ADA) is one among them. 

Most of the cryptoanalyst are having the opinion that unless BTC hits as low as $3,000 USD, the market might not taste a bull run. That is too low, but they can have opinions because the market has been this way all the year. Well, the investors do not need to worry, it is just a market and we have seen this in the past. The market will soon be back on rising track. Afterall cryptocurrency is a new industry and it is still developing itself as a market. 

Well, the Cardano (ADA) users and investors should be pretty happy with its performance from the last couple of days. It has surged up the ranks and has hit $1 billion market cap, which is very pleasing if you are an ADA investor. Currently, ADA as at 10th spot but we cannot say anything regarding that at the moment (because the market mostly relies on BTC and we need to look at its trend), but this for sure is a good sight for Cardano and its investor. But in the coming time, we can see such good moments from ADA. So, ADA investors need to be positive and show a bit more patience.   

Cardano (ADA) unlike most of the other coins isn’t in the news very often. There is a reason behind it, Cardano wants to be picture perfect. Charles Hoskinson recently unleashed that they have separated from Cardano Foundation. This happened because the foundation wasn’t working properly and was not doing what it was made for. So, this shows us that ADA is not compromising on anything. This was just a pinch of reason. Cardano wants its network to fully organized as a blockchain firm.

Unlike, other digital assets Cardano (ADA) is mostly focused on Africa because the leadership knows that Africa is the region where there has been lost of financial issues across different countries. So, they know that Africa is the region where cryptocurrency is most needed. Cardano (ADA) has also updated their Linux beta version, which has been upgraded to Cardano 1.3.2. Cardano community tweeted about the update of their version;  

“There’s an updated Linux beta release based on the latest version, Daedalus 0.11.2 with Cardano 1.3.2! Previous beta releases are no longer compatible with mainnet.”  

So, the crypto users need too much more progressive and dig bit deeper. Cardano (ADA) cannot be underestimated because we will see it rise higher than this in future. Cardano development team keeps a keen eye on what is happening in the crypto world.   

At the time of writing, Cardano (ADA) was rising compared to USD about 6% in the last 24 hours. It was trading around a price of $0.042 USD and market cap has also jumped back to $1 billion. So, all in all, today Cardano has done good and is one of the top gainers of today’s (29th Nov 2018) market. So, heading into the coming years, the future looks bright for Cardano. 


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