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In a year, where the crypto market has been massacring for most of the digital assets. A year in which Bitcoin (BTC) has been slain to the wall, there emerges a cryptocurrency which features to be the first ever KYC Compliant asset. Electroneum (ETN) has surprised many of crypto aficionados around the world. Electroneum as a digital asset has developed a lot in just one year, which is quite amazing.  

Electroneum (ETN) also known as the mobile cryptocurrency reached up to the price mark of $0.18 USD back on Jan 7, 2018, which is good news for a coin to touch such a price mark when you are new in the market. Though it has dropped down in price from some time now, ETN has been trading around a stable price. Electroneum has maintained itself pretty well in such a difficult market. So, Electroneum is an attractive coin for investors and this can be a worth of an investment.  

The price has kept low, but it is just the routine market of this year. This will not be the same all the time, the year is about to end and 2019 looks to be a prosperous year for ETN as it has a lot of features to offer to the crypto world. 

Electroneum (ETN) has been able to pick up the right spot in the market and that is the mobile industry. Electroneum (ETN) is so easy to be used and integrated on your smartphones. Electroneum is busy signing contracts with mobile vendors all across the globe. This has given Electroneum an opportunity to be able to make a lot of fans around the world because to be able to mine and use an asset on smartphones is a really pleasing feature for the users.  

Electronuem (ETN) is so pliable and easy to use, just like the social networks. Its collaboration with mobile vendors will be very helpful for both of them and this will ultimately be enjoyed by the users. This will end up in low-cost transactions with fast speed. Electroneum will soon be introducing a point of system, which will be used through the blockchain instant payment feature and this will end up in rolling the coin for quick spend ability.  

Electroneum has placed itself as one of the top emerging cryptos in the last few months. This has been due to its most important feature of KYC Compliance. So, investors have a good chance on having a go on ETN, because it could be making them profit. In short-term, the profit might not be that big but still in pennies, but as a long-term coin, it looks to be rising high as most of the cryptoanalysts consider. Looking at a low-cost investment it is one of the best coins, because its price has been considerably stable when compared with the market. 

Currently, Electroneum (ETN) was trading with a price of $0.088 USD with a market cap of $75 million. In the last 24 hours, the coin has surged up to 4%. It is looking good so far and tends to end November on a high, gaining a bit of moment entering into the last month of 2018. 


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