Dogecoin, DOGE

Don’t be very much possessive about the market, just let it go the way it goes and then it’s your time. Dogecoin (DOGE) can just say all this to its users and investors because the crypto market has almost brought every digital asset to lay to ground. Dogecoin since getting a huge spike after the announcement of Dogethereum bridge went to go down and down up to $0.0022 USD because of excessive fall in Bitcoin’s price.

In the last couple of bear runs by Bitcoin most of the altcoins have gone down enormously but Dogecoin (DOGE) somehow has been to cope up with the bear market. Dogecoin is trying to stabilize its price and looking to pick up some momentum. The resilience of DOGE against the market has again created a skeptical for the users and investors that now what’s up next for the meme coin. 

Some days ago, someone on Reddit asked that whether Dogecoin (DOGE) has any intentions of enhancing their network to the Lightning network. To which a Dogecoin dev team member answered that it will never happen. What actually mean from that? The user or questioner wanted to ask that will we see Dogecoin upgrading its speed to the one which we talk about in XRP’s case (xCurrent or xRapid). The dev member said No. Why did he say No? Because Dogecoin is not a second or third generation crypto, it a well-developed fourth or fifth generation Litecoin forked coin. This means that Dogecoin is working up to the standard as far is its transaction speed is considered, according to the dev team member of Dogecoin.  

We can see Dogecoin (DOGE) be just more than a joke or meme. It is a proper digital asset and in recent times, it is being used more for the daily use for transferring of money. Even more than Bitcoin, which is huge for DOGE. This is due to Dogecoin being much more compatible compared with Bitcoin. Dogecoin offers very low-cost transactions with good pace and that is what a user needs from a digital coin. 

In last seven days, Dogecoin has traded around $0.002 USD mark and has gone down just –0.28% which is quite impressive in such conditions. Where the market is battling with the bear market. So, the investors need to keep trusting the Dogecoin. The recent trend shows that Dogecoin will have a good time in bull runs and in the coming year it will get better and better for it as much more news are to come in 2019. 

Having a look at today’s market (3rd Dec 2018) Dogecoin (DOGE) was trading with a price of $0.0021 USD having a market cap of $257 million and trade volume of almost $10 million.


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