Electroneum, ETN

The mobile-based cryptocurrency is being lot discussed around but considering the market in the last few weeks, it hasn’t allowed many assets to stabilize. But, Electroneum (ETN) is one among few which has tried to restrain the bears of the market in the last few weeks. The digital asset has shown the sign of rising in a bull run. We could expect this from the ETN because it has been appreciated a lot by crypto enthusiasts.  

The KYC Compliance is the stand out thing for the digital asset. Being KYC compliant does not jeopardize user’s personal information and data but an added transparency layer that any truly decentralized app should have. So, keeping very high expectations from Electroneum is just due to one of its core features of being a KYC Compliant digital asset. 

It will take a bit of time for Electroneum (ETN) to grow its network because it is still very much young in crypto space and in just one year it has achieved a lot. In last one-month ETN has traded around $0.01 USD to $0.008 USD and keeping the bear market in view it is good. But it might be due to its low ranking and low market cap.  

An important factor for Electroneum (ETN) is to be used across different retail shops and the mobile integration factor will make the ETN coins to be used across different vendors. In next year most of the cryptoanalyst are expecting the crypto market to flourish unlike 2018 and the market cannot bear to have one more year like 2018. The bull market is expected to be coming early in 2019 or maybe by the end of this month, just like the end of last year where the crypto market really started to pick up the pace and Bitcoin reached a new landmark.  

We could expect Electroneum (ETN) to touch $1 mark by the end of Q1 of 2019, if the bull market tends to be much stronger it might surge above $1. If someone at the time buys $20k worth of Electroneum, then by the expected stats he could become a millionaire. The price of ETN is quite low, which makes it easy for everyone to invest in it, and if in any case if the price drops, it would not hurt the investor that bad.  

What Electroneum (ETN) needs to do is grow its adoption with working with different firms, which will gradually improve its standing in the market. Certain partnerships help the asset to stabilize itself in the market and in consequence, it turns out to be pretty good in the bear market.  

Having a look at Electroneum (ETN) today’s (4th Dec 2018) performance, the digital asset was trading around a price of $0.0081 USD with a market cap of $68 million and trade volume of $201, 597 USD. The other market has been mostly trading in red, as Bitcoin (BTC) has just dropped under $4k USD and entered $3k mark.


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