This is now the longest run by XRP (XRP) on the second spot in the market ranking. The digital asset is looking to stamp its authority in the market. By getting more adoption and ruling the banking and financial industry Ripple tends to push XRP (XRP) to a stable price mark and make sure that XRP is safe there on number 2 spot. Moving on with XRP, the adoption is increasing every single day. Different firms are adopting XRP for transferring money across the borders.  

XRP Adoptions 

Recently one of the most zealous XRP (XRP) promoter named as Dr.T on Twitter announced that the XRP TipBot’s originator, Wietse Wind has told him that one of the top e-commerce networks in Europe, Mollie will be integrating XRP in their payment system. As per the tweet: 

“Let’s SHOW the power of XRP Community. Wietse Wind just told one of Netherlands largest online payment (e-commerce) Mollie, that he will drive to their HQ to help integrate XRP they said: “We only offer BTC, maybe we will offer XRP next”.  

According to the tweet, we could see XRP be used as a payment method by Mollie. If this news is true then this is a great one for XRP because Mollie depicts one of the top e-Commerce networks all across Europe.  

The Omni CEO, Thomas McLeod a few days back stated that XRP and Ripple are growing the world financial system. He also added that their company uses XRP for payment system because it brings liquidity to their users. Continuing on with his statement he said that by utilizing XRP cashouts they are looking to reduce the bar to entry for the crypto users and this will lower the risk as the user can still own the asset. 

Kucoin Exchange Listing 

Further moving on XRP (XRP) was also listed on the Kucoin exchange, one of the famous Singaporean exchange. This listing will allow eight pairs that could be traded with XRP including USD, BTC, USDT, and more. This is good news for XRP as it will help XRP to stabilize itself in the market as the ongoing battle for the second spot is still on because the market can turn around any time. But as for now, XRP is looking good enough to stay at the 2nd place.  

XRP is Decentralized Not Ripple 

Talking about the decentralized platform, many users think that Ripple is also decentralized, but it’s actually not because Ripple is a company with a head and employers. Its technology is being operated by a dev team. Whereas XRP (XRP) is a digital asset of Ripple and it is decentralized. Many users before had the confusion between XRP and Ripple as they thought they both are one asset, but by the time they recognized that it’s totally opposite. 

Market Overview 

Moving on and looking at the adoptions and achievements XRP (XRP) will look to gain some momentum in the market. XRP (XRP) will look to attain that $0.4 USD price mark in coming few days. It also depends on how Bitcoin goes. Currently, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $3,896 USD and was moving down with a rate of –0.65%.  

On the other side, XRP (XRP) was trading at a price of $0.35 USD. It had a market cap of $14 billion with a trading volume of $425 million. At the time of writing, XRP was following the market trend and was down about –0.55%. But in coming days we can see XRP surge because of all of these new updates which might lead it to $0.4 USD mark. 


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