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IOStoken (IOST) is one of the fast-growing digital assets in the crypto space. This year so far has been ordinary for most of the altcoins because of the quaking market. But IOST has been one of those cryptocurrencies which have made its impact among other emerging digital asset. IOStoken is about to complete one year and it has announced the launching of Testnet version 2.0 and Mainnet version 1.0 in Q4 of 2018 and Q1 of 2019, respectively.

IOStoken (IOST) wants to develop an ultra-high transaction per second (TPS) blockchain system that will be secure, scalable and efficient that will fulfill the basic needs of a decentralized economic system. IOST has been a consistent performer this year, it has dropped it value in the recent bear market, not too much but a little bit as compared to other coins because Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a significant downfall. At the time of writing, Bitcoin has dropped up to –4% as the price of BTC has gone down to $3,766 USD. Still compared to other altcoins IOStoken (IOST) has gone a decent job.  

The recent announcement of Testnet and Mainnet launch will boost the market value of IOST. Currently, IOStoken (IOST) is working on its Beta version, but soon it will be upgraded to Mainnet version1.0. The dates have been made official by IOST. The Testnet version 2.0 (Everest) will be launched on 20th December 2018 and the Mainnet version 1.0 will be launched on 25th February 2019. The Mainnet launch is quite away from now. But this is good news for IOST community and their users. 

The Testnet v2.0 launch is just fourteen days away from today (6th Dec 2018). The Testnet upgrade is a key step towards IOST growth. The developers and projects would now be able to arrange for Dapp launch on this new Testnet version, which would then move onto Mainnet in Q1 next year.  

This past week IOStoken (IOST) declared their first Developer Bounty program that coexists with the run-up to Mainnet that confirm that IOST will bring in more developers to their ecosystem to enhance their network.  

The digital asset has also been listed on the Korean exchange, Bithumb. One of the famous Asian exchanges, Bithumb will now allow IOST to be traded on their network. This is a huge news for IOST, as this will increase their trading volume and will help the growth of the network. IOStoken on twitter announced that they have been listed on Bithumb, stating: 

“Happy to announce IOST is now listed on bithumb. Thanks to Bithumb Official, Bithumb Korea and IOST team for making this happen, we are now listed on the majority of top exchanges worldwide.” 

Most of the market is down but few of the coins are trading in green. IOST (IOST) is one of those few altcoins which is making good progress today. This is due to the news of Mainnet launch and Bithumb listing announced by IOST. These updates will push the price of IOST even higher as we can see the digital asset also to rise up in the ranking. Currently, it is on the 62nd spot, but as the time goes on and the Mainnet is launched IOST will really make a huge progress. At the moment, it is one of the coins to invest in. This will definitely give you some profit because its performance in this whole year has been satisfactory and the new updates will tend it to rise even further. 

At the time of writing, IOStoken (IOST) was trading with a price of $0.0052 USD having a market cap of $62 million. It had a trading volume of $15 million. In the last 24 hours, IOST had surged up to almost 12%, which is quite impressive because the market is in bear mode. 


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