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The KYC Compliant digital asset has set up a new standard in cryptocurrency after the introduction of mining the asset on your mobile. This is a unique idea which allows you to mine your digital asset on your mobile device because in developed countries people are very busy so through their mobile, they can mine the asset whenever they want where ever they want. Rather than switching on your computer device on a specific place to do mining. 

Recently, few problems were noted with the current Electroneum mobile miner. The mining crashed during the process. The CEO of ETN, Richard Ells after the reported issue announced that the Electroneum team after working on removing the mobile mining issues and the team have concluded that they will work on the ongoing projects and finish them first such as cloud mining. According to Richard Ells, these upgrades in the ongoing projects will certainly washout all the problems in the system and will bring up better substitute to the existing mining system. 

In a recent Electroneum community gathering, Richard revealed the two of the most top-secret tasks they are working on. They will be conferring the projects on the upcoming MWC19 which is to be held in Barcelona, Spain. While stating about the projects Richard Ells said that the users have to wait a bit as their KYC system and the other two projects will be fully unveiled in February in the MWC. 

Nevertheless, the Electroneum (ETN) dev team is working on their cloud mining project and want it to go live as soon as possible. At the moment, the dev team presumes that the cloud mining will be live before the end of this year.  

Having a look at the crypto market it doesn’t seem to be much convincing in the past whole month. The bear market has been much stronger than expected, but still, Electroneum (ETN) has stuck around a stable price mark in these harsh conditions.  In last month ETN has been trading around $0.01 USD to $0.007 USD, which seems to be decent considering the massive bear markets.  

Currently, Electroneum (ETN) was trading in green. Let’s see how long does Bitcoin (BTC) price hold on because the market depends on how the Bitcoin performs. So far, Electroneum (ETN) has been one of the top gainers of today’s (10th December 2018) market with a gaining momentum of almost 10% in the last 24 hours. In the recent small bull markets, Electroneum has always surged higher as compared to most of the other coins which is positive for it and indicates to rise further up in coming time.  

At the time of writing, Electroneum (ETN) was trading at a price of $0.007 USD with a market cap of $60 million and a trading volume of $367,538 USD. The mobile cryptocurrency has done great so far as compared to the other altcoins. It is still young and has just completed one year in the market and showing so much progress in one year is impressive. The coming year will be a key time for ETN, as we will see how it performs strategically as well as economically. 


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