Electroneum, ETN

The mobile cryptocurrency goes on to be chosen as fundraisings for different projects. It can’t get any bigger than this for Electroneum(ETN) to be used to fundraise $50 million dollars for the safety of the students across America. Michael Steven who is helping to gather some money is a famous American educator, public speaker, comedian, entertainer, editor, and Internet celebrity.  

Michael Stevens is fundraising to help Andrew Pollack’s charity Americans for C.L.A.S.S (Children’s Lives and School Safety) implement an eight-point safety plan in schools across the US to eliminate the risk of gun violence. Michael is raising the money through sales of his “ELLEN MELON” children’s book series, which aims to inspire more children to take up gardening, with 100% of the net profits going to Americans For Class Org.  

Electroneum (ETN) to be used for this humanitarian purpose is just more than being making itself stable in the market. The users are trusting Electroneum (ETN) for using it for a different purpose and that’s a major win for a cryptocurrency. Electroneum regarding this fundraising tweeted: 

“We’re delighted ETN has been chosen by Michael Stevens as a means of payment for his campaign to help @timeto_fixit raise $50m to eliminate school shootings in America.” 

So, what is the reason that everyone is adopting Electroneum (ETN) for using it in their daily life? ETN is emerging as a cryptocurrency and is still new in the market. But there are some basic features that Electroneum provides which are being appreciated by the users of the different class.  

Electroneum (ETN) gives you a very fast speed, which is one of the major features that users look for in a digital asset. The dev team of ETN knew about this so they worked on it and were able to make it five times faster than the Bitcoin, which is quite impressive. This fast speed makes the transactions in such quick time and save a lot of time and causes low fees for the transaction. Moving on, Electroneum has a plan to invent a Virtual Currency Exchange. This will allow the cryptocurrency to function as an exchange. Moreover, this will make ETN transactions lightning fast once the project is finalized. 

The main feature is being a KYC compliant cryptocurrency because this makes it more legitimate in front of the governments and being a mobile mining crypto it makes it even a better project than many of the other coins at the moment. Aiming at the smartphone industry is a great step by Electroneum (ETN) which sets it apart from the other digital assets. The mobile industry is growing rapidly and with-it Electroneum is also set to flourish. So, KYC compliant and mobile cryptocurrency adds uniqueness to the crypto project and these two features have become the identity of Electroneum (ETN). 

Having a look at today’s (12th December 2018) market, Electroneum (ETN) has been on the bullish side rising at a rate of +10% in the last 24 hours. It was trading with a price of $0.007 USD with $58 million market cap and had a trading volume of $223,777 USD. Scrutinizing the progress of Electroneum (ETN) in such a less time makes it’s a worthy competitor to enter top 20 cryptos in the coming year.


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