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From the last whole month, the word bear market seems to be moving along with the crypto user’s life. As far as Cardano (ADA) is concerned, it has tried to resist its market cap mark but the price of ADA has dropped to some extent. A few days ago, Cardano (ADA) was trading at 10th place and know it’s one spot down at 11. But, above the market position Cardano (ADA) community has a bigger aim, which will drive it to the topmost level in cryptocurrency. 

The team behind Cardano (ADA) network is very much cautious and they have a keen observance on what the dev team is doing. In the past month, we saw that Charles Hoskinson announced that they have separated from the Cardano Foundation because it was not working properly and was not up to the standard. This shows that Charles Hoskinson and his team are very serious about what they do.  

A few days back, the running part of Cardano (ADA), EMURGO announced on YouTube that they have launched the Cardano cards in Seoul, South Korea. The citizen of Seoul will be able to use the cards at more than 30 thousand vendors outlets. This will allow the residents to make everyday payments and this is the basic step in Korea towards mass adoption of the cryptocurrency. The main focus of Cardano is to expand the profitability their network across different industries all over the world. 

Despite the crypto market plummeting, Cardano (ADA) is looking forward towards its projects and the Cardano users have admired the ADA card launch. Recently, IOHK has also launched two new smart contract tools and on this Charles Hoskinson said that it will turn out to be a boon for Fintech. These tools are known as Plutus and Marlowe. They will allow the fintech business, different organizations and start-ups to make smart contracts for ADA blockchain without any difficulty.  

The Cardano (ADA) network is also working on such different projects and these will act as a backbone for the blockchain firm in coming years. These smart contract tools delivered by Cardano’s member IOHK will be a great win for the network. This can change the whole concept of smart contract development in the fintech industry. 

Having a view on the market performance of Cardano (ADA), from the last month the digital asset has dropped its price. At the time of writing, Cardano (ADA) was trading with a price of $0.029 USD and in last 24 hours the coin has dropped up to almost –4%. The market cap has also seen a drop, its market cap was around $756 million and the trading volume was $10.5 million.  


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