Verge, XVG

The privacy coin in last month traded relatively high after the Bithumb listing. But the market did not allow it to trade at that rising mark, Verge (XVG) after gaining a bit of momentum has dropped its price in the last couple of weeks. Still, Verge has been a better performer than the majority of the cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has dropped much more than the expectations of many cryptoanalysts. This has drained the market pretty badly.  

As everyone knows that the crypto market is plunging constantly from the last couple of months and has not given a single chance to any of the cryptocurrency to rise at a constant speed. If any crypto has surged during this bear market it has dropped as well the other day. But, still, those coins have shown resistance to the bear market. Verge (XVG) has certainly been among those digital assets aiming for a better market performance in the upcoming year.  

During the course of this bear market, there are some positives for Vergefam to look forward and it has been its listing on the Korean exchange, Bithumb and Verge (XVG) acceptance by Australian largest crypto payment platform, Living Room of Satoshi. This gives a hope to the Verge (XVG) community that the privacy coin it there to stay and its future ahead is bright. How long will the bear market affect the coins, in the end, the technology has to win? Basically, the users are more focused on the market, rather they need to have a look at the technology that is transforming the world into a living paradise.  

This is definitely a tough time for crypto users as Bitcoin (BTC) has dropped to a record low price of this year trading with $3,200 USD and still looks to be in a bear mood. On the other side, there is some crypto community which is positive about the future of the market and they think that the crypto market is still new and it will get mature with time. Everyone knows that one that the market will be back with a bull run but when will that time come? Well, at the moment, most of us don’t have any clue but it is expected to arrive soon.  

What Verge (XVG) users need to do during this time is to HODL their XVG coins for a while unless the market is back on track and Verge (XVG) is back on the driving seat. Verge (XVG) dev team are really working hard on their technology and are improving their features. Verge is still the best privacy coin in the market providing the worth protocol technology. Moreover, the Verge network is also busy in making partnerships with different renowned firms across the world, this is leading XVG to higher mass adoption. Verge (XVG) has already gone through crisis moment and they do not want to have another such moment, so they know that what to do and what is best for their network.  

Keeping all the aspects of Verge (XVG) network in mind, the XVG users need to be a little more patient and wait for the right moment. The market performance of XVG today has been on the negative side but still, it has been way better than the rest of the top altcoins. At the time of writing, Verge (XVG) was trading with a price of $0.0055 USD having a market cap of $83 million and trading volume of almost 2 million. Currently, it is on the 45th spot in the market but things are set to improve for the privacy coin in the coming year.  


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