The mobile-based cryptocurrency looks to expand its network across Thailand. Electroneum (ETN) recently announced the collaboration with the mobile virtual network aggregator (MVNA) and enabler (MVNE), One Development Co., Ltd. The company is based in Thailand and mobile virtual network aggregator (MVNA) and enabler (MVNE), One Development Co., Ltd. The company is based in Thailand is the next generation MVNA/MVNE with working experience from both mobile network operations across the world and MVNO.  

Electroneum (ETN) partnership with the mobile-based firm will begin and create an easy way for the MVNO users and will have the opportunity to trade and earn digital currency. This collaboration will provide a solution for ETN with the KYC and Anti Money Laundering (AML) method in place to embody the regulatory necessities.  

Electroneum (ETN) being a mobile-based digital asset can be very helpful to One Development. One Development is always there to provide solutions and services that can help users and MVNO partners. Electroneum is certainly the best digital platform which can provide the One Development team with the benefit that will help their stakeholders.  

Cryptocurrency is still in growing process and Electroneum has made itself very much mature in such a less time. We can see how ETN has become well-liked crypto among the millions of users across the world. Electroneum (ETN) induction of the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) has exhibited a mark among the crypto users and especially, smartphone companies. Electroneum (ETN) is well on its way to becoming a leading coin, as the coin goes on to promote the mobile-based digital asset. 

Electroneum (ETN) is looking forward to working with One Development and make grow its network across Thailand. The citizens of Thailand will now have a better opportunity to embrace the blockchain network through ETN. 

The network of Electroneum is growing at a fast pace and its adoption is increasing day by day. The users are recognizing the need for such mobile-based digital asset and they have applauded ETN’s features. This is helping ETN to progress in the market, the coin is stabilizing itself in the market with a much better position. 

If Electroneum (ETN) keeps on to progress like this, we could soon see it trading among top 20 digital assets in coming years. So, if the investors are looking to invest in a low-priced asset, Electroneum (ETN) is certainly the best possible option for them and ETN could bring massive returns to them in the coming time. 

At the time of writing, Electroneum (ETN) was trading with a price of $0.0080 USD with a market cap of $70 million and trading volume of $770K USD. The market cap has surged in the past couple of days and ETN has risen up in the rankings as well. In the last 24 hours, ETN has surged up to 5%. Considering all the prospects in the market and industry the future looks pretty bright for Electroneum (ETN). 


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