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Just on the verge of Christmas, Verge (XVG) announced a crucial partnership with Crypto Den and PLAAK. A trifecta for the mass adoption of the Verge (XVG). This partnership is basically to educate the people regarding cryptocurrency and its importance. This is set to promote the Verge and how important it can be in the user’s daily life. 

The combo of these three firms would eventually help Verge (XVG) adoption. The union of the skills in education, having advanced security technologies and the top in class UX design will help Verge (XVG) adoption and increase its demand in the market. 

The Co-founder of Crypto Den (TCD), Dave stated that the firm has always wanted to accompany Verge and PLAAK on the same platform and now they have successfully achieved it and they look forward to working together as a team. He added that they know the importance of Verge and its capability to bring the partners into the cryptosphere.  

The nexus between these three will bring a branded hardware wallet to the Verge community. That wallet will be powered by PLAAK’s thoroughgoing biometric qualities. The Verge wallet will also have NFC and the Bluetooth technologies which makes it more attractive for the users. These features will allow the wallet to work in brick and mortar stores.  

The branded Verge NFC wallet is one of the best things Verge (XVG) could provide to its users and by utilizing this wallet the users will be able to know that how far has this blockchain technology succeed.  

We can see people across the world who are not well aware of the crypto industry and they think that the cryptocurrencies are dead and their era has come to an end. This is where Verge and PLAAK are helping people to know that it is just the beginning and how helpful is the cryptocurrency for the users in their daily lives.

The main focus which comes out of this collaboration is the hardware wallet powered by PLAAK. The Verge wallet will offer the best possible security, and instinctive user-interface and it will be available via the Crypto Den platform. All the three of them are looking ahead to grow the adoption of Verge through this multi-featured wallet. 

The Verge (XVG) network has informed their users to go and buy the wallet from Crypto Den and use it to buy products from different stores.  

According to Verge core member, it is a great space (crypto industry) to work around where different firms collaborate with each other to showcase their combined skills to improve the technology and help the users. The combined work helps the growth of the network and bring the people to one platform.

This will ultimately help Verge (XVG) in long-term progress and will play a key role in supporting its price in the market. Having a look at XVG’s price. At the time of writing, Verge (XVG) was trading with a price of $0.00869 USD and in the past couple of days Verge has surged up. Its current market cap is around $132 million and has a trading volume of almost $3 million. In last 24 hours, XVG has risen up to 5%. So, everything looks to be in shape for the privacy coin and it indicates the digital asset to have a good time in the upcoming year. 


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