GameCredits (GAME) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. It has been launched in 2014, it is used for online purchases of goods and services in the gaming industry. GameCredits is based on Bitcoin protocol and is its simplified version.

Cryptocurrency’s mining takes place according to the Scrypt algorithm, with the PoW principle (proof of work). A new block in the chain is created every 90 seconds, the reward for this is 12.5 coins.

As of December 5, 2018, one coin was worth $0.07, with the market capitalization of 5014328 USD (according to CoinMarketCap).

Check the GameCredits on Bittrex chart:

Why should you use GameCredits Bittrex exchange services?

Bittrex was founded in 2014 as an exchange service. But, after a while, such status ceased to satisfy the creators’ ambitions, and today this platform is a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange platform with multiple analytic tools, quite large and well-known to users from all over the world. About 450 currency pairs are traded on Bittrex, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD and different altcoins.

When you go to the official Bittrex resource page, below you will see “Get started now” button, you need to click on it so that the standard registration form appears in front of you. Here, enter the required information in all windows and confirm the seriousness of your intentions by clicking on the sign “Sign up”.

At the top left, there are two “Market” buttons (for trading), by clicking on which you can select certain currency pairs for trading.

Now move to the upper right corner. Here, among others, is the “Wallets” button. Small advice for beginners — create a new wallet for every new altcoin you trade, including GAME coin. You can check the status of accounts after making deals or replenishment by clicking on this button. In addition, it reflects the amount of exchange and changes that occurred during the day with the rate of a particular currency (in percentage).

There is also an “Orders” button, which, as you might guess, means orders — open and closed. Then the section “Setting” comes with multiple features you can set up. If you click on the “Help” button, then you can contact customer support, find out the crypto-related news, information about the resources, contacts and similar analytical data.

How to deposit on GameCredits Bittrex wallet?

So, after signing up, you want to buy GAME coins. Choose from the list presented a pair of BTC/GAME, click on it and get to the page with the necessary information on these cryptocurrencies. Before you open a chart with candles, which displays the movement of the course for a certain period. In the right column, you will see the maximum and minimum GAME price values for the last 24 hours.

Going down the page below, where the orders are placed (we are interested in those for the purchase), specify the number of GAME coins you need (MAX field), the value of the currency unit (Price field) and click on “Buy”. In this process, it is necessary to carefully calculate everything, since the service takes a commission from each transaction and, if you do not consider it, then the probability of an unpleasant surprise is not excluded – instead of the expected income, you will incur losses.

Your order will also be in the glass and after making a deal, your “wallet” will receive cryptocurrencies. If you bought GAME, then this currency will appear on the deposit balance in the specific wallet, if you sell, then you will receive Bitcoins or USD (depends on the currency you chose in the pair with GAME).

So everything is simple at first glance. And from the technical side, it is really not difficult. But in order to make a profit, it’s not enough to know which button and when to press while trying GameCredits Bittrex trading.


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