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A newly emerging digital asset, Electroneum (ETN) has formulated a term known as ‘enablement currency’. Electroneum aims to grow their network to around three trillion-dollar market. This will happen by enabling more than 350 million smartphone users to join the digital market from the developing world. Electroneum is planning to advance the smartphone industry.   

Electroneum (ETN) will provide the mobile operators with expeditious profits in the developing regions. This will include significant money transferring cost savings. These operators would be the key to the success of ETN, as they will be going to increase the market of Electroneum.  

Electroneum (ETN) has innovated the mobile industry and the distinctive mobile miner provides the user with a compact number of ETN’s every single day. This will drive more users towards Electroneum (ETN) and will increase its market price. At the moment, Electroneum (ETN) has around 1.6 million registered users and the network is growing at a very fast speed. The growth of Electroneum is faster than that of Facebook and Twitter over the same time period.  

Electroneum (ETN) has developed their official Android app and has twenty languages installed inside it. Users can download the app in their smartphones to have a better experience of the digital asset. At first, the instant payment system launched by Electroneum would be available in ETN but the payment system also covers BTC and other digital currencies.  

This is just a beginning from Electroneum (ETN) and they are planning to develop an API which would instantly enable easy integration to accept the ETN. Electroneum’s payment system will allow the users to have a simple and easy way to check out and will provide the users with the option to easily integrate into the ePOS systems.  

The users need to experience ETN because after experiencing the digital asset they will come across the basics of Electroneum. Once the user knows how easy Electroneum is to use, they become the part of ETN ecosystem and that is why they have attracted more than 1.5 million users, which are officially registered. 

The biggest partnership so far Electroneum (ETN) made is with the Mobile Streams. Electroneum collaborated with the mobile company so they can increase their network growth through their mobile gaming service. The CEO of Mobile Streams stated that the company is pretty impressed with the concept which Electroneum has brought up in the market.  

Mobile Stream will turn out to be a very healthy partnership for Electroneum because they are a very experienced mobile operating network across the globe. With this collaboration around 750K user in Latin America will have the pleasure to enjoy ETN mobile miner. 

Having a look at Electroneum (ETN) market performance it has been pretty impressive today. Most of the market is trading in red, whereas ETN has surged up to 5% in the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, Electroneum was trading with a price of $0.0076 USD with a market cap of $65 million and a trading volume of $230K. Electroneum is thriving in the market and in coming time it will be among leading cryptos.


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