Ethereum Classic, ETC

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) ecosystem is growing with many improvements. It is one of those coins which can be one healthy investment option at the moment because Ethereum Classic will not go down from its current market value and the only option that remains is its upward trend.  

The next year is expected to bring fortunes for the digital asset and ETC are looking forward to developing their ecosystem from the very core of their network. Basically, marketing for a newly emerging asset isn’t really easy. We can see new firms making their mark in the industry through partnerships and by getting listed on Exchanges. But what Ethereum Classic (ETC) is looking for is to work on its basics and why is it so? 

The crypto market has seriously suffered from neglect. So, what Ethereum Classic (ETC) are doing is to be very best at their core. It is not just the partnerships which are the basic tool of development for an asset. The partnerships are a good prospect for any digital asset for their growth but it is not the first step of evolution. The thing which will ultimately remain there forever is the fundamentals of a system.  

We know that Ethereum Classic (ETC) is one of those few cryptocurrencies which is fully based on decentralization concept and this is what digital currency is all about. Recently, ETCDEV team went down due to lack of donations. The users are mixing ETCDEV with the ETC ecosystem. Actually, the ETCDEV team consisted of some ETC users and it was a kind of branding platform. So, ETCDEV shut down has nothing to do with Ethereum Classic at all and this means that Ethereum Classic is going nowhere. 

Moving forward the Ethereum Classic (ETC) network is picking up the pace in the market. The graph of ETC shows that it has been on a surge from the last couple of weeks. The investors have a golden opportunity to HODL ETC and make the profit from it in the coming time.  

At the moment, Ethereum Classic (ETC) trades on $5 USD mark. Almost $3 USD has been the lowest trading price of ETC this year and this is as low as it can get for ETC. So, expecting further downfall from Ethereum Classic is just a mere prediction and the trend of the market goes against it. This makes ETC to be bought at the lowest price.  

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is looking to recover from it loses and the coming year is expected to be a better year for the crypto market. Whereas, Ethereum Classic is fully focused on the growth of their system. Recently, they announced the first ever ETC Cohort to be established in January 2019 at the ETC Labs. So, ETC is looking to expand its network and up next task for Ethereum Classic will be making some alliances. 

The concept of Ethereum Classic is very strong and that’s why it is one of the highly used digital assets across the globe. This is why Coinbase wallet has listed ETC. This is a sort of approval from the Coinbase network to list ETC on their exchange. Overall, Ethereum Classic is progressing towards a safe end, where it can achieve its goal. 

Having a look at its market value today (29th December 2018) Ethereum Classic (ETC) is about to end the year on a positive after a hard struggle this year in the market. At the time of writing, ETC was trading with a price of $5.35 USD and was rising at a rate of 9% in the last 24 hours.  


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