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After most of the digital assets had entered 2019 with decent progress, the market today (4th January 2019) has started to trade in red again. The market is still carrying that bearish momentum from last year. It will take some time to get in shape.  

On the other side, Electroneum (ETN) is looking focused to move forward in this new year. Recently, Electroneum announced that they have been listed on Bitladon Exchange, where the users of ETN would be able to trade with the ETN/EUR pair. In a tweet a few hours ago, Electroneum Stated: 

“In case you missed it, here’s yet another community vote won by Electroneum. A big thank you to everyone who voted, as you can now buy ETN with Euros on Bitladon!” 

It’s good news for Electroneum (ETN) users by starting off 2019 by getting listed on an Exchange. Bitladon is an exchange based in Holland and provides very fast and secure service to the users.  

After getting listed on Bitladon, Electroneum (ETN) are looking for a much bigger listing. Electroneum in another tweet a few hours back said that it would be great to get listed on Bittrex. Bittrex is one of the biggest crypto exchanges at the moment and getting listed on it will be a great achievement for ETN and it would boost the adoption of Electroneum.  

Basically, this started off a couple of days ago when Bittrex claimed that they are working on some new blockchain projects and soon they would be listing new digital assets on their platform. In a tweet, Bittrex said: 

“We’re always evaluating new blockchain projects. What coins or tokens are your favorites?” 

If Electroneum (ETN) gets listed on Bittrex anytime soon, we could see ETN have a high flight in the market and this could also improve the ranking of ETN to some extent. This sounds good for Electroneum network because of Bittrex listing it will help the coin to stabilize itself in a lot better way in the market. Moreover, it could also grow Electorneum (ETN) far away, as ETN is one of the known digital assets that have made a mark among crypto users and investors.  

For the short-term investors, who are looking for an investment in a cheap priced coin, Electroneum (ETN) is the one to go because if the Bittrex listing happens than it could benefit those investors a lot. For long-term investors, Electroneum is still developing crypto and in much less time, it has had its impact in the industry. The special feature of being mobile mining crypto, it will push ETN to rise in coming time and by the end of this year, we might see Electroneum in top 20 digital assets. 

Having a look at Electroneum (ETN) market performance, at the time of writing, it was trading with a price of $0.0074 USD with a market cap of $64 million. In the last 24 hours’ time, ETN had traded in negative territory with -2% descend. But, looking ahead in future it looks good for Electroneum and once the bears of the market wash off, ETN would flourish high. 


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