Nano, Vechain, Stellar

As the crypto industry keeps on proliferating, there are few coins to look at which can be salubrious for the investment in 2019. Having known the history of the crypto market, Nano (NANO), VeChain (VET), and Stellar (XLM) are advancing in the right direction and can be a profitable investment. 

As of today (7th January 2019) the market has shown signs of gush as the new year holidays have just ended. Bitcoin (BTC) has picked up positive momentum and looks to reach that $4,500 USD price mark. Due to BTC’s rising momentum rest of the market is also trading in green. In the last 24 hours, Nano (NANO), VeChain (VET) has gained up to 8%, and Stellar (XLM) has surged up to 6%.  

Nano (NANO)  

The use of Nano (NANO) is very easy, as it gives users with the option to have it either on their wallets, mobile app or the Desktop apps. Trading with Nano is considerably good as compared to other assets, as it provides fast, zero-fee, and P2P transactions. The users can also use Nano to pay a small amount for content subscriptions, digital asset rights, and for other purposes. Its adoption is increasing and keeping all the other aspects of Nano (NANO), it is set to flourish in the crypto industry in the future. 

Nano (NANO) is one of the newly emerging digital assets in the market and it can be a really healthy investment in this year. Considering Nano as an investment option, well there are few common reasons to invest in NANO. It is still low-cost crypto to buy as it trades at $1 USD and in case of a bear market, it will not affect the investors that badly. It is growing with a swift pace and in coming time it would be among top digital assets. 

VeChain (VET) 

VeChain is another thrilling cryptocurrency in the market and is well-known for its partnerships. The aim to clean the environment from growing pollution, VeChain collaborated with the electric car industry to reduce the carbon emission. VeChain (VET) has already been successful in implementing its blockchain solutions over different industries. VeChain is there to help every industry in the market including Agriculture, Luxury goods, Logistics, Food/Drugs, and different governments.  

The increasing demand for VeChain in every sector is set to thrive its market value and this could be the best time to invest in VET. Just like Nano (NANO), it is also low-cost crypto which currently trades at $0.0043 USD. The ultimate outcome of investing in VeChain (VET) could be a lucrative one. 

Stellar (XLM) 

Stellar (XLM) doesn’t need any introduction at all. One of the highly ranked digital assets in the market at the moment. Stellar (XLM) has developed its network at such a level in past few years that it has become a need of every financial institution and even other organizations are using Stellar for transferring payments.  

Everyone is bullish on Stellar (XLM) and it would definitely be among top 5 cryptos by the end of 2019, as per its progress in the last two years. At the time of writing, Stellar (XLM) is trading at 7th spot with a trading price of $0.12 USD. So, keeping all the aspects in view Stellar (XLM) is surely the one crypto to invest this year. 


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