Verge, XVG

The market has been unpredictable, every day turns out to be a surprising one. Verge (XVG) surges while rest of the major digital assets are going through a massive bear market. The market has been vulnerable and the unpredictability of the market makes it difficult to guess what coming up next. 

Verge has picked up some momentum in the bear market, just like TRON (TRX) was having the other day. TRX was the highest gainer last day and today it is trading with –11%, which shows that how volatile has been the market.  

Since the start of the new year, the market trend has stayed this way, where one of the digital assets is on a surge while the rest of the market goes through the bearish trend. So, it has been difficult for investors to look up to a coin. But, still, these cryptos are the one to look forward to which have had a better time in such erratic market conditions. 

Verge (XVG) entered into 2019 with positive developments as it partnered with PLAAK and Crypto Den to uplift the mass adoption of XVG. So far, this month Verge has come up with some new developments which include the reintegration of wraith protocol and advanced Beta version 2.0 of Verge wallet which is set to take place next week. The iOS beta wallet has been launched for the use of the public. Moving on, the new Codebase TestNet is also underway.  

The scalability of the Verge network has highly increased in recent time and this has helped the growth of the Verge. Verge is one of the golden cryptos in the market and the worth of privacy coin lies in its technology. A great start to this year has set up a great path for the XVG network to aim for bigger developments in the coming months.

Since the last week of December, Verge (XVG) is back trading at $0.008 USD. It might not stay at $0.008 for a long time because that’s how that market has been but it has for sure put the privacy coin on the right track and this is going to help it in next few months.  

Verge has been the highest trading crypto in the market today and in the last 24 hours, it has surged up to 25%. At the time of writing, XVG was trading with a price of $0.00805 USD with a market cap of $122 million and a trading volume of $22 million. The current rise has taken Verge (XVG) to 39th spot in the rankings.  


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