Bitcoin (BTC), XRP (XRP) & Ethereum (ETH)

One of the very few cryptos in the market on which crypto analysts go bullish is Stellar (XLM). We have seen that the coins with less value have always had the least effect in a bear market and they sustain their value. So far XLM has done well during this bearish period.  

Having a look at what XLM has gone through the market in the month of January till to date. Stellar has kicked off the new year with positive momentum and has traded around $0.1 USD price mark. On 8th January, it traded at highest price mark of $0.129 USD but since then it has dropped back to $0.106 USD.  

The market is uncertain and inauspicious and this makes it very difficult to predict the upcoming market trend. But still, there is an indicator that unless Bitcoin gets settle, the market will trade in an unpromising manner. 

Despite all this faltering condition of the market, there are some positive for Stellar (XLM) to look forward too. Stellar is growing as a highly anticipating digital asset and it is expected that this year is the one in which XLM will pick up the flight.  

The partnership with IBM blockchain is set to thrive the finance industry. This alliance is aiming to turn unreal into real and the go-ahead organizations are changing blockchain’s promise into real business outcomes. This will ultimately bring different corporations on one platform, where different ideas and different cultures will get united. This will especially hit the financial organizations and compose their network into a new generation system. 

Stellar is definitely the coin to look forward to long-term investment. XLM has a low-price and with a swift blockchain technology of Stellar, we see it heading towards global adoption and is on its way to rise. In the last year, Stellar took a step forward and this year it’s time to execute that plan. 

Scrutinizing today’s (14th January 2019) market, Stellar hasn’t done well enough so far, as it is trading in red with –3.75%. The other top 5 cryptos are also declining by an average of almost –4%, where BTC is down by –2.15%, XRP by –1.70%, ETH by –5.30%, BCH by –5.70%, and EOS by –4.75%. Yet another day goes on trading in the bear market, the crypto enthusiasts are dying to see a bull run.  

At the time of writing, Stellar (XLM) was trading at a price of $0.106 USD with a market cap of $2 billion and a trading volume of $125 million. Currently, it is at 6th spot but the as per the future expectations, XLM is set to surge up to top 5 coins. 


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