The daily growing adoption of cryptocurrencies demands more options for digital assets to be available at exchanges with a number of pairs. Bittrex announced that they will be launching the US dollar (USD) market for Digibyte (DGB).  

This is very big news for DGB users because Bittrex is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world and it will now allow them to have their Bittrex account on the USD markets.  

Bittrex will support the eligible personal and corporate accounts which would be used for the purpose of USD trading, deposits, and withdrawals. The identity substantiated users in 36 states of U.S. and outside the U.S are allowed to partake in this all process. Those users who are living in U.S states which are not listed yet will soon be enabled for trading in the USD market. 

With all this new addition to the Bittrex ecosystem, how would the Digibyte (DGB) users add their Bittrex accounts to the USD markets? Well, if the Digibyte users account on Bittrex was concocted before 4th September 2018 and is also registered in the permitted states, then the user’s account will automatically be enabled for the US dollar trading. For those users who have created their account after 4th September would be allowed to access the USD market through the prevailing corporate account, or they can also add their bank account. 

This will help Digibyte to uplift it in the market, not instantly but in the long-term progress. Recently, there is one more good news for the DGB investors and it is the AntumID going off and moving all in on DigiID. A couple of days back, AnutumID came up with a tweet that there would be no more AntumID’s created with email and password, a full DigiID which is the only correct, fast and secure way. They stated that ‘done with old fashion, the non-secure system’. 

Well, how can it be good for investors? In many ways, for Digibyte it gives strong cybersecurity. Security is a really big issue for users and with a secure system, users get attracted to it. Moreover, after the transformation of AntumID to DigiID, the users of Antum would mostly like to take a bigger part on investing in DGB. So, it is a bullish sign for Digibyte, as we know the bear market will not stay there forever.  

The positive developments for Digibyte would be a helpful booster for the crypto network in such market conditions. Looking at Digibyte (DGB) today’s market performance, it has surged up to 5% in the last 24 hours. At the time of press, it was trading with a price of $0.01 USD having a market cap of $115 million and a trading volume of $1 million. 


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