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Kicking off with prominent progress at the start of Q1 of this year, Verge (XVG) has released its latest update plan on its recent developments with includes some positive things to be integrated into the Verge ecosystem. The two most eminent updates were the Verge Codebase alpha release which is all set for the testing on Github, and the other one was the release of the Blackpaper version 5.0. 

Verge has been working on different projects which are part of their roadmap and with time to time they are updating them. These projects are a focal point to Verge’s network and they play a key role for long-term development for the privacy coin.  

Verge 5.0 Codebase Alpha Update 

After releasing its first Codebase version, Verge (XVG) has now reached to the 5th Codebase update of the alpha version. At the moment, this update is available at Github and is only accessible to the developers. It will be officially launched and allowed for the public use after its testing is complete. If there comes any issue Verge will crack it down. 

The basic improvements brought to the new version of Codebase includes an overall changed set of RPC commands which are Bitcoin. Due to the cybercrimes which happened to Verge last year, they have decided to upgrade the blockchain with chain security and highly refined CPU. The block indexing of the XVG network has minimized up to 89%. 

There are still further improvements to be ushered to the Verge Codebase and in the upcoming updates, they would probably add them. For instance, Verge is working on the RSK implementation which will bring a new feature of Ring Confidential Transactions.  

Verge Blackpaper 5.0 Update 

Along with the new codebase update, Verge has released a new series of blackpaper, the one similar to the whitepaper where most of the digital assets give a comprehensive explanation of their ecosystem.  

The blackpaper 5.0 update brings users with the newly detailed explication on their blockchain technology. Specifically, the blackpaper explains the core Verge system which includes I2P integration, TOR integration, use of Ethereum wallet, and the cross and side chain smart contracts. 

iOS Wallet Update 

There has been an iOS wallet update on 4th January 2019. Around 200 users have had access to the iOS wallet public beta version and the rest of the users have to wait until its fully released. During its testing, the users have found bugs which have been fixed and the beta 2 has been updated on 10th January. 

The App store version of the Verge iOS wallet in on its way and once it’s where the beta version would be overwritten after the downloading the App Store version. This update would reduce the privacy risks of the iOS wallet and the users would be able to save their wallets private key to a safe place. 

Verge (XVG) hasn’t been up to mark in the market and this is due to a severe bear market from the last couple of days. It has dropped a significant amount of value, but what users have to do at the moment is not to panic and HODL their XVG’s. In the end, the current and upcoming developments will push the privacy coin to the top.


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