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The Director of Electroneum (ETN) network, Chris Gorman stated that they have allowed the mobile operators to reach GSMA and SDG with the financial insertion. The first digital assets to join GSMA, Electroneum is all set to update on their collaboration with GSMA. 

Electroneum is participating in the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC19) which is being held in Barcelona from 25th February to 28th February. The big time is coming up for ETN and this conference will accompany the world’s biggest smartphone companies including 100K+ visitors from all over the world. Electroneum will update its upcoming plans and describe its influence in the mobile industry. This conference is very much important for ETN because it has a chance to showcase to the world that what has Electorneum really got. 

Electroneum has brought the only compliant cryptocurrency to the world, which is fully integrated with KYC and AML. They have developed the blockchain into such a platform which delivers a digital currency solution that seamlessly fits into everyday life.  

Electroneum enables everyone from the unbanked to the high net worth’s which means it allows users to earn, receive, send and spend their ETN coins. ETN provides all these benefits with easy to use interface with a simple and smart application. 

Every single day, Electroneum (ETN) is evolving as bigger and better crypto. ETN is more than a currency, it is an asset with astonishing intrinsic value. A cryptocurrency system based on high speed, low-cost transactions with supporting pillars such as KYC, AML, a remittance, and a payment system with mouth-watering properties.  

Electroneum is connecting its wireless operator partners and vendors to make a very cooperative ecosystem which drives an ample new revenue surge into the mobile industry. The ETN ecosystem is growing rapidly and the global adoption has approached up to 3 million. 

The world fastest growing mobile markets require KYC to activate a mobile SIM and Electroneum is the only crypto with full KYC and AML compliance. Electroneum leads the industry in occupying the needs of the mobile operators and this is the one reason that will take it to the top.  

The upcoming MWC19 has created a new way of a thrill for ETN users and they are expecting something big to happen. As per the statement by Chris Gorman, “Exhibiting at MWC2019 this is the beginning.” 

Considering today’s (22nd January 2019) market, it hasn’t just kicked off yet and is still trading in the red. But, Electroneum (ETN) along with few altcoins is surging and in the last 24 hours it has risen up to 5%. At the time of writing, ETN was trading with a price of $0.0073 USD having a market cap of $64 million.  


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