Ethereum Classic, ETC

The mission of developing the network has started with new enthusiasm in this year. Ethereum Classic (ETC) dev team looks forward to new updates. A couple of days ago, Charles Hoskinson the CEO of Cardano and Co-founder of Ethereum network announced the support of Mantis for Ethereum Classic (ETC). Mantis is a Scala Client for ETC which is integrated into Daedalus wallet.  

The mantis is a client for Ethereum Classic network whose integration into the Daedalus wallet allows the users to take over the management software. This provides them with a safe and secure way to manage, create and backup their asset in the wallet. 

The new Version of Mantis has been launched and this will bring much better user performance and it will totally support the Ethereum Classic ecosystem. The newest version of Mantis has already been tested on the current version of Windows and macOS. 

The IOHK network supports the mantis client on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) system. The latest version of Mantis is fully applicable to CPU mining, fast sync, private networks, peer discovery, regular sync, Ropsten, and Moreden testnets. 

Moreover, Ethereum Classic dev team has officially launched its first Cohort. Back at the end if 2018, ETC announced that they will launch their first ETC Labs Cohort on 14th January. So, the things have begun at the ETC Labs which is based in San Francisco. ETH plans to work on eleven projects with a wide range of technology and blockchain ecosystem.  

The CEO of the Ethernode stated that he is excited to be a part of the ETC Labs incubator. He added that the developer support and mentorship of ETC Labs gives a great boost to the growth of the ETC network. 

The Ethereum Classic team knows the importance of this cohort and they have planned to take advantage of this development and introduce their network to the banking system with corporate partnerships. Moreover, ETC looks forward to establishing such an infrastructure in which they create a shared office space, and have access to the ETC Labs marketing and their developer support.  

Examining the market, most of the cryptos have turned green and are just trading around a neutral point on average. Ethereum Classic (ETC) in the last 24 hours has risen up to 1.20% with a trading price of $4.32 USD. ETC was trading with a market cap of $466 USD and a trading volume of $92 million. Ethereum Classic is still being undervalued but it can surprise everyone in the bull market.  


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