Holochain, HOT Coin

Holochain (HOT) has amazed the crypto community and looks promising in the bear market. Holochain is a collection of application frameworks and services which focus on helping the developers to create distributed applications. It aims to solve different blockchain scalability vulnerabilities that users currently face without the use of Proof-of-Stake or Proof-of-Work. 

As the crypto industry is growing, different blockchain projects are coming into space. This is healthy for the industry because this will increase the competition and ultimately enhance the blockchain quality. 

Holochain provides with a flexible solution that is actually the decentralization with no bottlenecks and adaptable validation. It is agent-centric and allows individual authority over data sharing, access, and storage.  

Holochain (HOT) users have the autonomy to get directly involved in the protocol and HOT structure while enabled with a distributed web. The Holochain extricate users’ online lives through the collective command over their information and choices. 

The fundamental things that the Holochain network provide to its users with top-level security while allowing them to totally own their data. The users have complete control over their identity and they are able to connect applications which match their needs. Holochain gives its developers with a lot of assuages to build applications while providing them with a fast, light, secure and cheap ecosystem. 

Moreover, Holochain apps help users with different collaborations and governance. It also helps the user on the most active network social media and provides good tips for networking. The HOT platform also allows Co-ops Apps and sharing economy ability.  

Holochain (HOT) is still in the early stages and is improving. The way it has performed in the last couple of weeks has been astonishing. Rising extremely up in such harsh conditions has surprised many crypto users and without any big news, this is surprising for the HOT community. In the last seven days, HOT has surged above 100% and this upraise has increased its market cap and ranking. 

The market trend has been pretty vulnerable, following that trend Holochain might drop, not significantly but a bit. So, for the short-term investors, they should follow the trend of the HOT coin, and what they need to do is to buy the coin and wait for the right moment when it rises high once again. In a time of a few weeks, they can make pretty much money. 

At the time of writing, Holochain (HOT) was trading with a price of $0.00144 USD, which in the past couple of weeks has kept on improving and from $0.004 USD it has moved up to $0.0014 USD. In the last 24 hours, HOT has surged up to 20% and currently, it is trading at 27th spot with a market cap of $192 million and a trading volume of $35 million. The market cap will fluctuate with time because of the uncertain market. 


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