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At the moment, the market is not in favor the digital assets but for sure in the coming time, it will get better. In these circumstances, Electroneum (ETN) is one of those cryptos which can be worth of a HODL. There has been a lot of FUD among cryptocurrency investors but they should know the facts of a crypto market that have had some weird trends in the near past. 

Considering the fact that one coin goes on a very high flight while the rest of the market is trading in a bear trend. There are chances that Electroneum might surge very high and this could turn night into days for the investors. 

Electroneum (ETN) is the future of the digital world and it has conquered the smartphone industry which is the present and future of technology. Electroneum is the only one crypto that provides built-in user verification procedure within its wallet. The most used device in the world, mobile integration will take ETN to massive adoption.  

Recently, Electroneum has launched its iOS app version. Apple has approved cloud mining for the Electroneum iOS app and after several stages of testing, ETN has officially launched it.  

The users of Electroneum (ETN) has been reporting problems regarding mobile mining and loss of ETN coins. The ETN team would probably be looking at this issue and solve this as soon as possible in their next blockchain update. It is still new crypto and it will take a bit of time to cover up its vulnerabilities, but it is the one for the future.  

Electroneum has also announced that they will be taking part in the upcoming MWC2019 which will be held in Barcelona. This conference will be held by the end of this February. This is a great opportunity for Electroneum to showcase their technology in such a big platform, where world top firms will be present. 

Moreover, Electroneum is being used across different vendors and day-by-day, ETN is growing but the crypto world has a lot of expectations from it, so they need to work hard and come up with bigger partnerships.  

Examining the market position of Electroneum (ETN), it was trading with a price of $0.0062 USD with a market cap of $54 million and a trading volume of $400K. The bear market has had a serious impact on ETN and it has lost a bit of momentum, but it is one of those cryptos, which can suddenly turn the tables around. So, Electroneum (ETN) HODLers need to keep a bit of patience. 


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