Verge, XVG

Verge (XVG) is one of the most prominent cryptos in the market and with its distinctive privacy technology, it is one of the most favorite digital assets for the users. Almost one year is about to end when Verge did something really adolescent and in consequence, XVG had a very poor time in the market afterward. Moreover, the bear market made things even tougher for Verge. 

But now things are getting better and Verge is looking forward towards its upcoming and recent developments and projects. Recently, Verge updates its 15th development program in which there were updates on Android wallet, Codebase breakdown, iOS fixes and furthermore there was an update on Mobile devices with stealth addressing. 

The stealth addressing integration into the mobile wallet seems interesting. Verge (XVG) was looking to insert this feature into the Verge mobile wallets, but at the moment they find its outcome to be infertile. The stealth addressing was being added to the mobile wallets for the better privacy purpose. So, maybe in coming time Verge will update regarding it and they might come up with a better plan of stealth addressing insertion into the mobile wallets. 

There is another big news for Verge community and it’s the regarding its partner NetCents who are working in collaboration with PAX technology to enable payment accessibility to the users through XVG. The alliance with NetCents is helping Verge in different ways and this will boost the whole ecosystem of the privacy coin in future as well. 

As time is passing on Verge as a network is achieving bigger milestones. Despite it is not in higher rankings in the coinmarketcap by it is still one of the top-rated cryptocurrencies. As soon as the market turns from bear mode to the bullish mode, we would see XVG have a high swing into the crypto space.  

Verge (XVG) has learned a lot from its misfortunes and now they are coming up with better progress. The collaboration with Crypto Den and PLAAK at the end of last year is a great accomplishment for Verge. This partnership will help to increase its mass adoption and educate the people regarding cryptocurrency. 

Considering all the promising developments by the privacy coins makes its future look bright. So, the HOLDer needs to HODL on with their XVG’s and wait for the bull market to arrive. The market today looks shaky, where some of the cryptos are trading in red and some are trading in green.  At the time of writing, Verge (XVG) was trading in the green zone with a price of $0.0058 USD having a market cap of $89 million and a trading volume of $890K.


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