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Electroneum (ETN) After iOS App Launch Shows Promising Potential in the Market!

Electroneum (ETN) has shown a lot of promise and since its launch, ETN has become pretty famous among the crypto world. Despite the market was not supportive enough to the new assets because they just entered into a new phase. This shows without any excessive support of the market, Electroneum has been successful due to its unique technology. 

Just about a week ago, Electroneum launched a new version of its iOS app and it has attained a good response from the iPhone users. The Android app was already there, which was introduced back in the middle of 2017. The reason why the iOS app took much time, it was due to certain restrictions which Apple puts forward on its security. But now the app is here and users can enjoy and take benefit from it. 

The slow a thing comes, the more refined it is and that’s what Electroneum (ETN) iOS app is probably like. It has been worth a wait by the ETN users and since its launch on February 1st, 2019 it has received around 250 views and a five-star rating. 

The Electroneum iOS app consists of four parts which include Wallet, Miner, Setting, and Value. The best part for the users is probably the Miner that allows them to earn free ETN’s and through cloud mining, users will be able to mine ETN tokens. 

Overall the ecosystem of the mobile crypto is getting bigger and better. The Electroneum (ETN) blockchain network enhances consumers retention and accession by providing the customers with an additional feature of adding free ETN coins as a reward to their smartphones. 

Electroneum has a great advantage over some top assets and that is its integration into the smartphone, which will make it is easy for the users to interact with each other and this will ultimately increase its adoption. Electroneum provides users with access over different firms while utilizing ETN coins. The API of Electroneum makes it very easy for its users to spend their ETN on different goods and products. 

Electroneum’s past record in the market has been considerably good when compared to many other well-known digital assets, which picturizes a better future of ETN. So, this makes it pretty clear for investors that ETN’s future looks bright and they should have a way a lot of investment in it. There are certain basic factors that are also on the side of Electroneum, like its resilience in the bear market, promising progress in the network, increasing adoption of it and such other factors have a very lasting effect on a company. 

At the time of writing, Electroneum (ETN) was trading with a price of $0.00689 USD and was rising up at a rate of 6.31% in the last 24 hours. If it keeps on to surge with the current momentum, it might go past $0.007 USD mark. Whenever the market has turned green, Electroneum remains one of the highest gainers and that puts it in the rank of some of the top performing cryptos. Despite it is not ranked in top 50 coins but still, its growing potential is better than most of top 50 coins and it’s a natural phenomenon that less famous things get a bigger opportunity to make a huge impact rather than those which are more famous.



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