ReddCoin, RDD

The market is looking more promising than ever and ReddCoin (RDD) is making a prominent mark in the market. From the last couple of days, the market has entered a bullish mode and most of the altcoins are having a good time.  

ReddCoin is making positive progress and the market is also in favor of RDD. ReddCoin has announced that they will launch their mobile wallet and a new version of ReddID v1.0. In a tweet ReddCoin made it clear regarding their upcoming updates: 

“Awesome! Reddcoin wants to go PRO, RDD mobile wallet and ReddID v1.0 on its way.” 

The digital asset possesses a team which has the ability to overcome every sort of challenge and fulfill the demands of the blockchain industry. They have team members from different backgrounds which will help them to bring up different ideas to help grow RDD ecosystem.  

The main focus of ReddCoin (RDD) has been to overcome the shortcomings of their initial release and Proof-of-Concept of the ReddID in the middle of last year. That major release has some technical defaults and scaling issues, so the RDD team has worked hard to come up with a better solution.  

Despite facing some technical problems in its ecosystem, the ReddCoin network looks ambitious and that is why it has been listed in several exchanges. It is now available on CryptoWatch with the trading pairs of EUR, USD, and JYP.  

The ReddCoin has been pretty active on social sites and has provided social blockchain ID tipping. But what it needs to do it publicize its network and to create more awareness among crypto users, the RDD team needs to come up with some exciting and attractive projects. 

What else is good for the ReddCoin network is that the market has shown its support to it and as per today’s performance RDD has been one of the top performing cryptos. For the investors, they should wait a bit, if they are really interested in ReddCoin and they should follow its progress and its overall market stats. But currently, they need to hold back unless ReddCoin makes some big announcements which could lead it near to top 50 coins.  

At the time of writing, ReddCoin (RDD) was rising with a rate of 14% and in the last 24 hours, it has done significantly well. At the moment, it trades at 81st place with a market cap of $36 million and a trading volume of $198K. ReddCoin slightly needs to strengthen its marketing power and it will help its growth and adoption. Then ultimately more firms will like to work with it and it will be there at bigger exchanges. 


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