Digibyte, DigiID

DigiID has been growing in adoption for some time now, with companies like AntumID going all in on it, as a replacement to the traditional email and password logins. Many other websites are adopting it too, which means that it could rise significantly in the near future. But for an investor, the big question is, how does this play into the value of Digibyte (DGB)? After all, DigiID is free, right? Well, products like DigiID are more long-term when it comes to the value of Digibyte, and will make it more valuable over time. Here’s how.

For starters, DigiID will drive interest in the Digibyte ecosystem, which is extremely important. That’s because, with DigiID, the user has to have a Digibyte wallet even if it doesn’t have any DGB in it. They need it in order to log in to whatever websites they are using that use DigiID. For such users, the moment crypto hype returns and people start to FOMO in, they are likely to buy into DGB or at least as one of the cryptos in their portfolio. That’s because, users of DigiID get used to the Digibyte wallet over time, and this makes buying into Digibyte much easier than any other crypto. It’s just human nature. People tend to be more comfortable with the things that they are familiar with. In essence, DigiID may be free, but it does have a positive impact on the value of Digibyte (DGB) going into the future.

On top of that, it creates a positive attitude in the investing public towards Digibyte (DGB). That’s because, after the huge collapse in crypto prices in 2018, investors are likely to move more into cryptos that have a real use case going into the future. With DigiID, a product that can be used on an everyday basis, it could see Digibyte (DGB) attract very high volumes in the next Bull Run. That’s because, very few cryptos have a use case as strong as Digibyte (DGB). Its key features are being used in the real world, and that’s huge for investors coming into crypto for the first time, as well as for seasoned investors.

In essence, DigiID may be a free feature, but its long-term value to Digibyte (DGB) is huge. It is a more practical route to the adoption of Digibyte (DGB). It’s more practical than trying to market Digibyte as a currency. That’s because, the usage of cryptocurrencies is still far off, and this doesn’t just apply to Digibyte (DGB) but even for Bitcoin (BTC). A huge population of the world is yet to understand crypto, or even trust it enough for payments. As such, using non-payments related features such as DigiID is a more practical approach towards mass adoption and value growth.

With such fundamental strength, Digibyte (DGB) comes across as crypto whose prospects for exponential growth are quite high. In essence, its current price may be low, but it offers a perfect entry point for long-term investors. The future is bright.


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