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About a week ago, Dash (DASH) announced its core v0.13.1 in order to speed up its adoption of the Dash core v.013 software by enhancing the process through which the Deterministic Master node Lists (DIP3) will get activated. In the meanwhile, the market looks to gain some momentum and Dash coin has been the most impressive crypto among all.

Before the release of this new version, Dash used DIP3 for adoption, but due to some technical issues, it was not safe enough for the miners to signal the DIP3 activation on all the blocks. The new version of Dash Core 0.13.1 will detach the check for the upgraded master nodes. This will allow the miners to signal the DIP3 with much faster speed. The main thing to focus is that this upgrade is only obligatory for the miners and for the rest of the users of the Dash network, this upgrade is optional, which includes the master node operators and end-users. 

Some other basic changes that have been made in this version includes some GUI and RPC changes. Moreover, the overall objective of this upgrade is to fasten DIP3 adoption. The signature verification and processing of the special transactions is decoupled for avoiding any sort of problems. 

Recently, Dash (DASH) also announced its addition on Crypto Emporium platform. It is the first online crypto store and its adoption of Dash will boost up the market value and adoption of Dash in the long-term process. As per the tweet by Crypto Emporium, it states: 

“We’re proud to announce that DASH has been integrated onto the Crypto Emporium platform with immediate effect. Dashpay is a project that we fully believe in long-term and we can’t wait to serve their brilliant community!” 

The key aspect for Dash has been that it has grown its mass adoption and it has massively attracted audience across the globe. Especially, nations like Venezuela, where there has been an economic crisis, Dash has turn out to be an alternative for the people. 

The progress of Dash looks sublime and the way it has kept on improving with ultimately improve its market value. Moreover, the privacy factor plays an important role for the users and it is one of the reasons why traders use this digital currency. It is cheap, fast and secure and this is what a normal user requires from a cryptocurrency. 

Examining the market performance of Dash, it has outperformed most of the top cryptos. At the time of writing, Dash (DASH) has surged up to 7.63% in the last 24 hours. The trading price was around $82.86 USD having a market cap of $714 million and a trading volume of $244 million. This makes it the top gainer among the top 15 coins in today’s (12th February 2019) market. 


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